Too Exhausted to Breathe

Yesterday was a bad day.  A good day for him, a bad day for me.  I was ready to call it by 5pm, but I had work to do.  When I finally did go to bed, I was up every hour running to the bathroom until about 6am.  Today isn’t shaping up to be much better.  I got a couple of hours of sleep before I got up to make the Manchild a snack and make sure he took his morning pills.  I made coffee, filled my mug, then wandered upstairs to watch a little Homeland.  After five minutes, my back was aching so badly I had to go completely horizontal.  And then I fell asleep.  I don’t know why sleeping in makes me feel like such a worthless bum.  I needed the sleep but I felt guilty that I allowed myself to sleep.  Stupid brain.

Speaking of stupid brain,  it’s not attached to my spinal cord today.  I have very little control over my arms and legs.  I tossed my new phone down the stairs by accident and have already broken a bowl.  Even breathing is something I have to consciously make myself do.  It takes too much effort.

I have a shit ton of laundry to do today.  Not for me, of course.  I need a break.  Wanted: clones.

17 thoughts on “Too Exhausted to Breathe

  1. ❤ If I could I'd do your laundry (I like laundry for some wanky reason!), make you something that doesn't irritate your gutt, dose you up with all kinds of pain relief and sleep medication, tuck you in and put a 'do not fucking disturb for a week' sign on your door!!! Rest, Miss Dookie xoxox

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  2. Good goddess, child. I need to come and make you a batch of chicken congee. I don’t give a shit if you’re a vegetarian. Thus stuff is truly medicine. It heals the guts and builds blood. If I can drag myself to the store tomorrow, I’m making a batch for myself!

    Sleep is medicine too. You need to take your sleep medicine if you don’t want to croak and leave your hapless (!!!) husband to the…ahem…harpies. “Care for the carer” and all like that.

    PS–I am so sorry you had one of THOSE nights😬

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  3. Okay, think me crazy, but I may have a solution to your bathroom problem. Now, don’t dismiss it out of hand, just think about it. Simple solutions are usually the answer, so here’s my advice: a cork. 🙂

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  4. Tell me, what is the harpy doing to help? Shouldn’t some of these people be able to do the dang laundry? Help you out a bit? You just got out of the hospital, you don’t need to go back in there.
    Or maybe you do. You might get some rest.
    On another note.
    How’s the blanket coming along? Yes I’m trying to take your mind off of things for just a moment.

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    • She’s working her ass off at the other house, believe it or not. They were trying to sell the house we’re staying in now, but MC is all nested in here and refuses to leave, so that’s two houses to take care of. I actually feel sort of bad for her.

      I’m taking on more than I should… I knew I was going to pay for Tuesday. I just didn’t expect the aftermath to continue for two nights/days. I’m looking forward to the day I can return home and neglect all of the housework and instead, take care of me. It was a pretty sweet system I had going.

      I’m getting about one row a day done on the blue blanket. I’m totally slacking off. It should be done by 2018. 😆

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  5. I hate it when the brain decides not to talk to the body. It only happens mildly to me (I could blame my being terrible at sports etc. on it, but nope) but when it does it’s ridiculous: I fall asleep with my arm up in the air, or wake up like a comedy dead animal (arms and legs in the air) and unable to get out of that position. Also have to make myself breathe. Oh, and I slap myself in the face. Which of course makes me think of this Jane’s Addiction song:

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