In Drugs We Trust

I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals.  I take my prescribed medication only because I get very very sick without it.  For that reason, I’m grateful I have access to such compounds.  No one enjoys spending an average of two weeks per month in the hospital, am I right?

What about drugs that have been prohibited and demonized by the government?  Surely they must have merits of their own, otherwise there wouldn’t be a market for them. 

Psilocybin May Be a Psychiatry Game Changer

Whoa there!  Magic mushrooms as therapy?  Yup, and LSD too.  If there’s any drug out there that has almost zero risk of addiction while providing the most benefit, it’s hallucinogens like mushrooms (bad trips DO exist, I don’t claim that it’s always a good time).  The ability to separate oneself from one’s ego gives the user the capability to transcend all of the bullshit associated with life, especially that which causes depression and anxiety.  This has been proven particularly helpful for those who are terminally ill.  What’s more, the effects can last for months after a single dose.  The author Michael Pollan calls psychedelic drugs “the ultimate meal for the mind”.  A separate study noted that people were able to “turn off” depression for up to a year after a single supervised trip.  Functional MRIs showed less activity in the parts of the brain associated with depression and anxiety, and increased activity in parts of the brain associated with joy and happiness.  You’ll have to Google that one, I’m too lazy to look it up. (try this link)

In my own experience, a change of perspective helps tremendously with my MDD and GAD.  The substances researchers are messing with do just that in a more profound and instantaneous way.

I was on Prozac, Effexor,  Wellbutrin, Lexapro, and Zoloft from the time I reached adolescence until I was 19.  When I was dumped from my parent’s insurance, I did what any college kid might do – I self-medicated.  I freed my mind, unburdened my soul, divorced my ego, or however you want to describe it.  Was I a druggie?  That depends on your definition.  Possibly.  Was I an addict?  That also depends on your definition of addiction.  I used them as tools when I needed to reset.  My best guess is once a month (apart from bud, which was much more frequent and also worked far better with fewer side effects than anything Eli Lilly was capable of cranking out).  It worked for me, and at $20 a pop, it was far more economical than therapy and SSRIs/SSNRIs, which is what I’m stuck with now.

I’m pleased that scientists are exploring these substances with an open mind and what I’ve been saying for years isn’t just because I’m a crazy tree-hugger; there’s actually some truth to it.  At this point in my life, I think whatever works for a person should be considered and not discounted simply because the DEA has employees to pay.

Oh, and I learned everything I know about drugs from the lovely D.A.R.E officers who visited my Kindergarten and second grade classes.  Thanks guys, you helped me positively identify my first blotter acid.

22 thoughts on “In Drugs We Trust

  1. First I love the picture with this post! I’m not sure I could try LSD or Mushrooms. I did LSD in high school and it wasn’t fun. Every time I’ve seen someone do mushrooms they end up vomiting. I’m not sure if that’s the norm or not. I could’ve just been around some really unintelligent people who didn’t know what they were taking. It’s entirely possible considering one always spelled “onion” like “union”. For the longest time I saw articles on Ketamine that were positive then it seemed to have disappeared. Pot makes me incredibly twitchy to the point where it looks like I’m jerking. I also get dry mouth so bad I start to dry heave. Boy I sound so attractive these days. lol I will always continue to search for something. When more than 3 doctors tell you that it isn’t likely ANY medications will work completely and you will continue to deteriorate you have to look for alternatives. Thanks for cheering me up with the picture!

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    • Mushrooms=nausea, especially when eaten straight and in higher doses. I had them mixed into a strawberry smoothie once and that was okay, but trying to chew whole dried mushrooms is awful. The retching does go away after about an hour. πŸ˜‰

      BPD is a tricky disease. I think most trials have been done with people suffering from MDD or PTSD without coexisting DSM diagnoses. Either way, it’s definitely something that needs to be done in a place you feel safe and have complete trust in your “babysitters” as well as your source. That’s no easy task, but I had wonderful, supportive friends, so I was very fortunate. There’s also the matter of different strains creating much different experiences. I think as the research progresses, they’ll be able to nail down all of the details that were once a crap shoot. Between us, I don’t think I’d recommend LSD to anyone. It’s far too intense, so I can understand why you didn’t like it.

      I’m pleased that it’s officially being looked at as a therapeutic tool because it has the potential to help lots of people. Like any other drug, it’s not for everyone.

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  2. I don’t have an ego. And if I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to meet it. In other words, I’m a scaredy-cat. A wimp. Totally unadventurous. A cowardly, namby-pamby pantywaist, milksop, weakling, and milquetoast. Yeah, that’s me. πŸ™‚

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  3. Ah-HA! I KNEW it!!! One of “us.”

    In the olden days we were simply called “heads.” As in, “don’t worry man, she’s a head.”

    I traveled in some extreme circles in the late 60’s, early 70’s, before I had to go back to school, get a real job or three. I did see some people become dependent on psychedelics. I actually tried it, I mean tried what they did, which was take one hit (usually 100 mcg) on day one, two on day two, etc, till you get to seven and then a day off (very weird day indeed), then start over. Tolerance to acid is very rapid because how much neurotransmitter can the poor cells pump out at one time???

    Silly-cybin actually gives me anxiety attacks. I have never eaten mushrooms that have not been grown by someone I know, but my son got hold of some that had been adulterated or perhaps were not the right kind. Bad news.

    Did you find durable antidepressant effects from your trips?

    When I was a little acid freak, Eli Lily was still pumping out some mighty pure LSD. The DEA only started making parental decisions for us in 1970, so before that, psychiatrists had discretion to use it in the therapeutic environment. Timothy Leary did us that favor, but then it quickly became a literal battle ground and what we lost was the ability to drop nice pure pharmaceutical grade acid instead of “question mark” tabs/blotters that had who knows what in them. In those days, strichnine was a popular contaminant because indeed it causes hallucinations. Just not the good kind! An inexperienced person might think, “Oh, acid makes me feel so awful!” Strichnine will make you feel awful, but I’ve never had an “awful” acid trip.

    At one point I was tripping minimum weekly. I finally quit when I developed actual things to do, and found myself just waiting to come down when I dropped. I have never been able to do anything beside marvel at the pretty pictures! I have no idea what would happen now. I certainly would not do it unless it was under highly controlled circumstances.

    One thing I never liked to do when tripping was to shit. It felt like my body was turning inside out!!! I shudder to think what would happen if I bled. Keee-reist on a bicycle!

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    • Good grief, that’s a ton of acid! I don’t know that I’d do it again. My only bad trip on it was also my last one. As far as lasting reduction in depression, mushies were superior, but it only worked for about a month. I guess results may vary. Those were homegrown. Two different strains, only one that I remember the nickname of – GT’s (golden teachers) and I never had a remotely uncomfortable mushroom trip.

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      • Oh I didn’t know there were different strains of shrooms. In my day it was like, shrooms, man….maybe I should give it another go. I have had some amazing pharmaceutical psilocybin that I would definitely do again in the right circumstances. You know, taking a pill once a month sure beats stuffing handfuls of them on a daily basis…

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  4. Like you, I’m not a lover of pharmaceuticals … but if they work, I’m down. Psychedelics / weed / mushys etc, sure i’ve had my fair share … but they were always to way out there for me … and learning how to bleed poppies before i could write, was not one of my fondest memories. In saying that though … my option re drugs , druggies … is changing … (watch this space lol) … i think my disdain for both has been attached to who i know rather than the drugs themselves, but thats a thought process in progress. Also … I wonder now, if the individual is better off doing what works for them … In my drunken days, pharmaceuticals were my choice of drugs to mix – possibly not healthy and its a small miracle I’m still kicking … but it worked for me .. it numbed the pain πŸ™‚

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    • It’s a risk versus benefit kind of thing. The inherent dangers of my favorites would have been lack of quality control. Not so much an issue with the mushrooms, but most certainly as Laura said, you never know what other stuff is cut with. Two of my siblings have substance abuse problems and I think that keeps me grounded in a way. I knew where the edge was and I didn’t dare go over. People with severe mental illness would probably do best by staying away from them altogether UNLESS all variables are controlled, as in trials performed by the appropriate professionals. So, I guess ‘whatever works’ applies only if it’s within reason. My desire to eat a pint of ice cream every day isn’t reasonable – it’s the most addictive drug there is. πŸ˜„

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      • LOL yes, i agree, having just eaten a litre of ice-cream myself, and feeling the effects already!! πŸ˜‰ … but I always did wonder … who is doing the ‘quality control’??? Ay! … but like you, I have siblings that are ‘addicts’ … a Nan who was a prescribed drug addict … and a few other rellys that can down a litre of mushy juice and have not more than a ‘slight euphoric’ feeling … for me 1/2 a sedative will do the same as my mates joint does for him … but a clanazopam will give me nothing more than a headache. … its a bloody interesting subject and one I’m probably only just coming to grips with without ‘history’ bias πŸ˜‰ .. i’m not a huge advocate of trials performed by appropriate professionals … as in if i believed half of those things I’d still be rocking in the corner … but … i have a mate that takes some of the anti-depressants they used to prescribe me, and she doesn’t have any of the same side effects i did. I figure we’re all so different … thats where my ‘whatever works’ theory comes from … based on the individual. On that note, I think I’ll go finish the other litre of ice cream πŸ™‚

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  5. Haha such a great post! It frustrates me that they are fine and dandy about now giving people LSD, when they still consider weed to be such a horrible drug. I love that times are slowly changing but I live in South Dakota so we will be one of the very last states to make it legal for medical reasons.

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  6. Effexor fucked me up. Ruined my memory, stopped me being able to read. Which was great – I was only in the middle of University. I’ve only not tried things that are ‘natural’ because of the arseholes I know who do. But I firmly and absolutely believe that weed, LSD, Shrooms etc. are a way forward for pain, depression etc. We need to have proper experimentation and investment. Big Pharma doesn’t want people to self medicate on things they can grow themselves. But what if they started selling seeds rather than pills?

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