Drama, drama, drama

By the time we’re all done with this crap (his crap, my crap, crap crap), a year will have passed.  My brain is in the dumps.  It’s going to take at least five years to mentally recharge.  I’m running on E and I haven’t got much life left.

This morning was MC’s follow-up appointment but I was unable to go.  I’ve been having pre-syncopal episodes and that’s not conducive to being a half-decent wheelchair motor.  I don’t know if I need to increase my HC or if it’s just an electrolyte imbalance since my squishy bits have been on a serious rampage for a few weeks.  GI and Endo for me next week.

He still has severe valve regurgitation (unknown reason as of now), but the cardiomegaly and effusion have decreased by 20 and 50%.  It may be something that heals on its own, or it may require that he go under the knife again.  He has already exceeded his tolerance for being a patient, so depending on what the prognosis is, he may need to be babysat 24/7 so he doesn’t do something stupid (or smart, depending on how you look at it).  The fact of the matter is that he’s a pain in the ass and never does what he’s told.  When I requested that he be more like me, I was referring to my spending habits, not my obstinate body parts. 😉

12 thoughts on “Drama, drama, drama

  1. Hey gurl!!!
    I hope that you both get to feeling better soon…
    I also have Mitro valve prolapse with regurgitation…I was born at 7 months and was born with a hole in my heart and bunch of other health problems…my dr is running test on my heart I just wore a heart monitor and now he wants more test just trying to be patient lollollool…waiting for another test that he wants done..and how the office staff promise to call you back and never do so you call again and so busy that you get a machine …fuck it..lol
    Sending prayers and love to both…now rather if you give MC my prayers and love that is up to you heheh…jk

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    • I have mitral valve regurge too. I think it’s more common in women, and of course mutants. I hope they don’t decide to go poking around in your chest!

      His EF % went down by 15 since having surgery, so technically his heart was working BETTER beforehand. The kicker is that his surgeon is #1 in the world for aortic and valve repair so if they had successfully cracked him open at the shitty hospital with subpar doctors, he’d probably be pushing up daisies.
      I feel horrible for him. His resolve is weaksauce. He isn’t equipped to handle this mentally. He bid on a fucking motorcycle because me yelling at him for attempting to spend $6k is a good distraction. 😆 I’ll let him have your prayers, but I’m keeping the love because though powerful, it doesn’t have a 600cc motor, so he won’t be satisfied. 😘

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      • lol … I think I m a mutant for sure…lol
        I didn’t know you had that too gurl..do you have premature heart beats with it???…
        OH hell no …Not poking around on me…I have about had it with this last dr appt …as it stands I can’t get my 3 operations done since I can’t get clearance due to my heart…and this fucking dr can sux my azzhole…so pissed the fuck off…I can’t even write a post about it just yet lol..can’t gather my thoughts…maybe just make a post and ramble….lol fuck I don’t know..anyways….
        WTF did they do to this MC??? he was better off before..fuck that shitt…I don’t think men in general handle medical stuff very well at all lol..chicken shitts for one lol..well some do better than others…my better half has grown to just let them …before well he was a baby lol..now he just lets them stick and give IV or what ever since he gets so sick with CVS …
        Like he needs a motorcycle at this point lol.. MEN!!!…
        AWW OK he can have the prayers like you said and they go for you as well and since he is being stubborn you take all the love lol …
        I do hope that you are taking care of yourself tho….you do not need to get any sicker on us..after all you are the most important ; )
        and don’t take anymore bullshitt from them imposters …lol…don’t make me come to where you are and beat an azz or two…lol
        Hugggs n ♥ to you and your family but only to the nice n good ones jk


  2. Wow….that is some heavy shit going down. I wish my genie would cooperate, for fuck sake. He’s been on a binge down at the Genie Street Downtown, which is a club for genies only. Every time I go down there to fetch him out, the bouncer lets me know in no uncertain terms that I am Not Welcome. If not for that little wrinkle, I’d surely make him get his carpet out of hock and go pick you up….

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