Often boring, rarely bored

The humans of the weaker sex left at 4am to drive back to the Mistake on the Lake for MC’s TEE (an ultrasound transducer is shoved down the throat to get a better view of the aortic valve) after Thursday’s terrible echo results.  Spoiler alert: he’s fine.  It was a poor quality study.  The regurgitation is actually what’s expected after valve repair (about 10% over what is considered normal) and should improve in time after he is completely healed up.

I didn’t sleep last night, thanks to having nearly every single muscle group in my body going into spasm.  From neck to toes, hip flexors included.  Ah, what a blast.  My seasonal rash has started too, only it’s the wrong fucking season for it.  I was/am a spastic, itchy ball of fun.

I finally settled back into bed around 10am and had high hopes for a two hour nap.  The problem being, I wasn’t alone.  Oh no, I was trapped here with Harpy who was shitting herself over baby boy’s imminent death.  

I don’t freak out until I have all of the facts and even then, to freak out is out of character for me unless it’s regarding someone eating the last of my ice cream.  She is not me.  If she were, I’d put a gag in my mouth to see if it’d effectively get her to stfu.  She was knocking on the bedroom door every 10 minutes, attempting to phish some comforting words out of me, or it’s possible by bugging me, she was hoping I’d break her skull with a heavy object to put her out of her misery.  

At noon I gave up on the daydream of sleep, took a handful of drugs, began the coffee guzzling, and continued work on my dad’s Christmas gift.  I paused a few times to do laundry and dishes because the shit piles up to the point of becoming a hot zone when everyone else is rendered useless by being a man, or being completely consumed by hysteria.  Everyone except me.

Around dinner time, she waltzed into my makeshift lair and invited me to go gift shopping with her.  I told her I was exhausted and just wanted to hang out with my yarn and Hulu.

“Aren’t you bored???”

“I don’t get bored.”

She used my statement as an opportunity  to show me what happens when I decline a gracious invitation.  It seems in the Harpypedia, boredum is linked to intellect: the more difficult it is to keep a person entertained, the greater the person’s intelligence.  Since I don’t get bored, I’m simple minded.  How nice it must be to be simple!  Yup, it’s superb.

13 thoughts on “Often boring, rarely bored

  1. Well, I’m tickled to hear that MC is doing better than his US predicted. I’m sure that test was totally awful. One good thing: now he can relate a little better to the ordeals you suffer with, having tubes shoved everywhere etc.

    As for the Harpster….she seriously needs a cork. Whew. I hope you guys can get the fuck out of there someday….the silence will be so deliciously deafening.

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    • He seemed quite a bit better to me – his bp, heart rate, o2, and he just overall acted more energetic so I was very surprised by the initial results. I’m glad they were wrong!

      I’ve thought of that too. He gets it now. Unfortunate that he has to go through this, but not so bad for the future of “us”. He said he’s lucky I take way better care of him than he did taking care of me. I told him luck doesn’t have anything to do with it, gender does. πŸ˜‰ One more month. πŸ™Œ

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  2. I’m sorry you have to go through all of this! Some of it I can relate to. I was doing really well with my DH from Celiac. I haven’t had any problems in almost 2 years, the WHAM! it comes back. My neck aches so bad I have to lift my own head off the pillow every morning. I’m a little bit worried because my sister just found out she’s had Mono for the last 9 weeks! The Doctor was shocked at her numbers and said she’s still contagious. I know we’ve shared iced coffees in the last 9 weeks, she’s my twin, I never think about stuff like that. Now I wonder if I need to go to the Doctor. Don’t wanna. It’s always everything at once. I also feel like running away again only to Hollywood this time. lol And changing my hair color. Early mid life crisis? Or just manic? Do you use anything specific for the seasonal rash? Feel better if possible!!!!

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    • DH=dermatitis herpetiformis? That’s very very similar to what I get. It starts on my lower abdomen, then spreads to my sides, armpits, neck and usually the bends of my elbows. It’s maddening. A strong steroid cream usually helps, but I didn’t bring any with me. The OTC stuff doesn’t work very well. I could try eliminating dairy again for a while, but ice cream.

      I think for mono, the only thing you can do is rest and stay hydrated. It does stick around for a very long time. I hope you were spared.

      Whatever you want to call it, take me with you to Hollywood! I’ll go red. πŸ˜€

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  3. I was going to say Boys are stupid, but it sounds like Harpy is worse. I’ll add her to my praying-they-get-a-house-dropped-on-them list. And yay for MC! True! You cannot get to go home soon enough!

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  4. You don’t get bored? Ever? Or were you just being a smart-ass? Since boredom is one of my enemies, I have to know how you do it. How do you keep from getting bored? Oh my god, I’m boring myself right this very second… πŸ™‚

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    • I can’t say I never get bored, but it’s unusual. I’m content doing very little – as long as my hands and mind are busy. Reading, listening to tunes, watching dumb shows, games, knitting, eating… nothing exciting, but it works for me. Going anywhere knocks me on my ass for a week so adapting to life without frequent outings was a major adjustment.

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  5. I’ve heard that said before and I’ve always thought it was complete hogwash…an intelligent person can think shit up to keep occupied where as a dumb ass…. well maybe not so much….maybe that’s just me. I’m glad you’re not freaking out and keeping yourself busy, being bored isn’t good for the brain or for the body and it definitely isn’t going to help you or MC both. Besides…shopping really is not a suitable cure for boredom πŸ˜›

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  6. Huh? That logic makes no sense! Hate to say it but I think your dealing with a dense mass with her! eww sends shivers up my spine … they must all congregate at the same watering hole arggh!! peace be with you my simple minded friend πŸ˜‰

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