Frozen to the flagpole

It’s cold.  Not more than a week ago, it was over 60 degrees outside, yet this morning it was low single digit temps with below zero windchill.  Thanks, global warming.  You’re a real peach.  At least it isn’t raining?  Oh wait, that’ll happen Saturday.


I’ve already exhausted one tube of superglue to hold the cracks in my fingers together.  The combo of cold weather and washing my hands more than once a day (while being allergic to most consumer hand soaps) means giant crags on tiny fingers.

My follow-up appointments weren’t particularly fun or particularly helpful.  GI may have been if I were in a position to commit to two weeks in the hospital, and potentially 8 weeks of recovery if option A turned out to be a bust.  It’s my wish to not lay eyes on a surgeon for a very long time or hear the words “gut rest” or “supplemental liquid diet”.  As they say, you can wish in one hand and…you know the rest.  Had I been able to start the IV Crohn’s poison in August like I was supposed to, who knows if things would currently be as gnarly as they are.  One positive is that I seem to be on a good-for-me dosage of hydrocortisone now, as I’m slightly more tolerant of being vertical.  Gravity is a cruel mistress, but there’s a pill for that.

MC is doing well.  Every day is a little bit better and he’s feeling well enough that being housebound is driving him bonkers.  He wants to go participate in big dumb manbeast shenanigans, but he’s trapped in his parent’s basement until week six.  This is when he can jump in the driver’s seat and take off whenever he pleases.  He wants to buy a motorcycle and I’m dying to tell Harpy the news so I can listen to her reaction, which is guaranteed to be hilarious.  Only to me, of course.  He already has two, so what’s another (other than multiple thousands of dollars we don’t have!)?  His next appointment is after Christmas and with any luck, he’ll be released from care here in Ohio to return home and to work on light duty.  We’ll finally be free of tyrannical family members.

I’ve got all of my Christmas gifts purchased and I’m on a deadline to finish a hat to go with the scarf I made for my Dad.  Time is ticking away.  I hate holidays.  Yeah, I said it.  I’m always relieved when they’re over.

11 thoughts on “Frozen to the flagpole

  1. You need Vaseline. I started using it for my eczema, but now I use it all over. Hands, feet, elbows, even on my face. (It’s really dry here in New Mexico.) Lotions are supposed to soften and hydrate the skin, but they can also be drying. Vaseline is just petroleum jelly, nothing else. It protects the skin from cracking. I go through about two tubes of Walgreens petroleum jelly a month. I love it. If it weren’t for bud, I’d marry it. 🙂

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  2. You need you some Bag Balm. Them chilblains are a bitch.

    Sorry to hear about your guts. If only we could just transpire, like bromeliads, a bit of water (for our friends the frogs), lots of fresh air, no problem! No ice cream, though 😦

    You tell MC that I said that if he goes out and busts himself open like a fucking pomegranate, it’s on his own damn time. Motorcycle. Hmph!

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    • I used that gunk on my tattoo when it was fresh and new. It worked great! I have a number of things I can schmear all over my hands, but I’m too lazy to wash it off before handling food or reapply it afterwards. Glue sets up in 30 seconds and stays there until the skin comes off. Probably not the healthiest, but fuck it. At least it doesn’t make it worse. I used gold Bond lotion per MC’s suggestion once and that shit turned my hands bright red, followed by blistering.

      Heh, he isn’t the brightness crayon in the box.

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  3. Ditto on the holiday/christmas thing; more to do with the commercial crap that i dislike. Hoping you get a break … rest … something .. .and definitely something for those cracks! I’m thinking … duct tape 🙂

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    • It’d probably be different if I had kids (besides my husband). I love the twinkle lights, but I’ll leave those up all year long. I don’t need Christmas as an excuse. Expectations, disappointment, feeling obligated to do stuff just because that’s what we’re *supposed* to do, and the worst parts: family when they’re all frazzled and out of their minds because holidays stress them the f out. Pass. 🙂

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  4. =( I find that the Neutrogena Norwegian hand Cream or the Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk (which smells Ah-mazing!) help with my skin going crazy in the winter. And yay for MC healing and ohmygodcan’tyouwaittogettogo home!!!

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  5. That’s a beautiful scarf, I bet your dad will be pleased.
    I stitched Mum a cuddle-fleece cushion with a faux fur heart. I call it the Cuddle Cushion…it’s so soft! I was stroking it so much the dogs got jealous, lol.


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