Flame Chevron

The first swatch I bitched about last night, I gave up on.  I decided to start over again this morning because I refuse to be bested by a friggin’ knitting pattern.  If it were crochet, I’d call it a hooker.  Waa-waa-waa.  The first block was perfect, but the second two are botched.  Three or four rows are missing a stitch.  It’s so sloppy looking, I can’t even tell. πŸ˜‰

Now that I’ve learned how to read patterns and not just make shit up as I go, the possibilities are limitless.  And spiffier.

This should help me while I’m shackled in Harpy hell.  “Shhhhh, I’m counting…”

I was supposed to spend Christmas at my parents’ house, but this evening she asked that I not leave because they have stuff to do and manbaby, although completely self-sufficient now, ‘can’t be left alone’.  Hell, he’s doing better than me already.  Un-fair.  But…what about my stuff?  What about me?

Size 8 knitting needles are relatively sharp.  Look out, bitchoix.

19 thoughts on “Flame Chevron

  1. Waaaaaow, that is some sweet stitching! I’d love to try that…but my report cards always said, “does not follow directions.”

    So wait, don’t your parents get to say if you will be by them for Xmas? As in, WTF???? (Not to mention that you, as in Kara, are the one people need to listen to, as in, your needs and stuff like that….😠)

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    • This pattern is a 24 row set, all of them different. It’s not too difficult, although it’s a real challenge for my shitty attention span. I copied the pattern to a checklist on Keep. I check off rows as I go, that way if I zone out, I’m not completely lost when I start up again. I cheat. πŸ˜ƒ

      I don’t want to spend Christmas at either place, but I’m sure you guessed that. If I had it my way, I’d hitch a ride back to Maryland. Oh my goodness, that sounds wonderful. My sister is driving in Friday and there’s only one spare bed. Overflow company has to use the couch in the living room or basement. She’s shorter so she actually fits on the couch. My legs hang off of the armrest. Whoever gets there first has dibs on the spare bedroom. It’s a race to see how quickly I can piss Harpy off enough that she’ll want me gone. πŸ˜‰

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      • I don’t like wool. It’s itchy. And it seems like I’m always itching somewhere. The worst are the itchy places on my back that I can’t reach, but I also don’t like having to vaseline my ass. Do you think the people who work at Walgreens think I have a sexual fetish because I buy so much petroleum jelly? Wait, what were we talking about? πŸ™‚

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        • Haha, maybe. Or that you’ve found a way to fuel your car with vaseline.

          I don’t use wool for that exact reason. Cotton or synthetic fiber is what I get. The blends are super soft and a lot of them look like wool. They probably don’t hold up as well as wool, but I don’t care – scratchy stuff bugs the hell outta me. Alpaca is the exception. It’s very very soft and smooth. Doesn’t jab you in the skin like sheep’s wool. Shame it’s so expensive.

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          • You know, I’ve never had a scarf. Never needed one. But the wind can get pretty damn cold here in the Q, so I’m thinking I really do need one to cover my face. I want to continue my walks through the winter season, so yeah, I think I need a scarf. Then I thought, well, how long does it take to make a scarf? Maybe you could start working on one for me for next winter? And if you want to do that, then I’m requesting a rainbow-colored scarf.

            Now, we can talk about price, or we can agree to do a trade. What do I have of equal value that I can trade? Well, I guess I’m gonna have to think about that. πŸ™‚

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  2. Jeekers, you’re so organized! Checklist rows. I tell you what, my brain has rebelled. “No more information!” Not even checklists. But I do hope your sister will come and collect you. One would think the mother of the manchild would be happy if you left for a few days so she could have him all….to…..her…..self! Self, self, self! You could put a big red bow on him and give her three whole days of undivided self-ness! He could play games and be oblivious. Wouldn’t hurt a thing. How are y’all going to get back to Maryland?

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    • I’m not surprised! You’re a walking encyclopedia.

      We’ll have to set up a caravan of vehicles. It took two cars to get his stuff to Ohio and he has accumulated a bunch of crap while here. I’ve got 3 bags, plus a traveling pantry. Maybe we should just rent a U-Haul trailer and put a hitch on the golf so we don’t have to worry about parents coming with us and refusing to leave. That’s a bunch of words to essentially say, I dunno. πŸ˜†

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  3. Wow!!!…So pretty gurl!!!…
    Oh no…NOT WOOL…
    I have never learned how to do that kind of stitching or knitting or what you call it lol…I just use the ones with different size hooks and make blankets that way…no pattern …just whats in my scary mind…☻ I am working on a blanket for our bed…ask me about it if I am done in a few years…
    Hope that you are feeling and hanging in there gurl…
    glad to see you working on your time…”me time”

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    • Boo wool! I use synthetic or cotton yarns. I stink at crochet. I thought I was doing triple stitch crochet, but it’s not even close. I guess we’ll call it the Kara stitch. At least it looks good. πŸ™‚ I don’t know how much more I can do before I need to take a break because my hands are cramping up. Stupid hands.

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      • lmao…Oh ok then..that will work lol…
        I understand naming it by your name and doing your own way even if it has a few extra loops or what ever the fuck you call them…I don’t count I just try to make sure that the ends match up… hahah…I should have made it smaller …it will fit a California king water bed…but it just has a regular bed mattress but same size…since its my dads bed and we all hate it but since we have been here we are the lucky ones who get to sleep on this piece of shitt…I have visions with knifes and thrashing it into many lil cubes …its a beautiful set for sure just may look into a water bed mattress again lol…if we keep it…we thought about selling it the whole set…on letgo. or where ever…anyways ….gurl…
        take it easy on those hands…take breaks lol…but I know your hands will still hurt and I am sorry for that gurl…
        again fuck it as long as it looks good ….that’s how I work …lol..

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        • Holy smokes, woman. The blanket I’ve been working on for three months will fit a twin size bed. You’re extremely tenacious! Any chances of getting some pics of the work in progress? 😍

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          • lol…
            I also want to start another one but in purple but not as big just enough to wrap up in…and purple for Lupus also maybe some butterflies on it too…that goes along with the butterfly rash that you usually get lol…just an idea gurl…
            Yeah!!!…let me get it done just a lil bit more and I will post a blog post about it..just want to be a lil more done with it lol…Thank you for the great idea gurl…☻☻
            I just looked at it and I need to start working on it more lol…it’s more long since its a big bed than it is wide lol..but I will get it…

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