Congratulations, survivor

If you’re reading this, you survived 2016.  Congratulations!

The rollover of the new year is usually an excuse for me to drink champagne until I get a migraine, vomit, or both.  I haven’t gotten excited about it since Y2k when everyone was sure the whole recently digitized world would collapse.  That was a fun party.  I stuck bugle chips up my nostrils and Turd ate them out of my nose.  Turd (my actual nickname for him) was my twin flame.  He was as close to my psychological clone as anyone could possibly be, which is why I cut him loose a year later.  I’ve got enough crazy of my own to deal with.

When 2012 rolled over to 2013, my husband spent the night texting his girlfriend who was in Arizona for the holiday.  That was delightful.  I threw a keychain at his face several weeks later after I let the event simmer.

2013/2014 I was prepping for a colonoscopy.

2014/2015 I spent under a heating pad and fell asleep long before midnight.

2015/2016 I don’t even remember WTF we did.

Does it matter that none of my NYE’s have been particularly fun or exciting?  Probably not.  It’s on par with my life.  I’m just happy to make it through another year with my faculties relatively intact.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re content and I wish you a fantastic beginning to 2017.

“May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”

“May we all be alive at this same time next year.”


14 thoughts on “Congratulations, survivor

      • I admit, I have a hard time with forgiveness. Maybe it would be easier to forgive if you didn’t care so much. Or maybe the opposite is true. I dunno. I also have a hard time with letting go of things, which is an ability one would need if married (and especially if cheated on). I think I might be able to forgive, but the problem would be the lack of trust. Don’t think I could ever trust someone who cheated on me. Hard to love someone you don’t trust…

        I have no advice. No words of wisdom. The reality is that love is messy. So freaking messy. 🙂

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        • I forgave but did not forget. One thing my Mum drummed into me. She had to forgive my Dad, but she never let me forget about it. And I’m damn certain he hasn’t – in fact, he mentioned it the other day – and it was 37 years ago and he’s a widower.

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          • No, you can never forget, but can you let go of the bitterness? Because life is too short to carry around all that bitterness. And if your Mum had forgiven your Dad, she wouldn’t have involved you at all. Cheating is a bad mistake, but it’s not the worst thing a person can do. Not even close.


            • Oh, my Mum was never, ever bitter. Don’t read that into it. She involved me because my Dad had a problem with me for years because I was unwell and exhausted and I felt guilty about it and didn’t understand. So she was explaining to me that my Dad, hard working and healthy as he was, was not a saint.
              And to my Mum cheating was a big mistake.

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              • For some people, cheating is one of the biggest mistakes they’ll make in life. But for a lot of women who have been abused, being cheating on wouldn’t be the worst thing that happened to them. I applaud your Mum for being open and honest with you. That’s so hard to do, but it’s invaluable. None of us are saints. Part of being human is making mistakes and hopefully learning from them.

                That’s one of the things that I loved about George Michael — he didn’t put himself on a pedestal. He made mistakes, owned up to them, and moved forward. No, he wasn’t a saint, far from it. But that’s what made him so… human. 🙂


    • Golly, I sound like I’m in a bad spot today. We’ll go into the year with the highest of hopes. MC survived. You haven’t killed Harpy. I’m surviving vertigo, getting used to it, weird huh?
      Heck we will thrive in 2017!

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  1. I’ve never had a ‘fun’ NYE. I had one total horror: 2001-2 where I actually went mad. The Wicker Man was on the TV, I had terrible Tinnitus and University was making me it’s bitch. Now I just get through it. Which I did, with an underwhelming dinner and some very soft cheese. And tea. May you all get through the year with your version of soft cheese and tea.

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