Friday morning we said our goodbyes to Harpy and I was shocked when she said she’d miss me and thanked me for all of my hard work over the past three months.  The cleaning fairy has left the building!

We hit the highway despite snow being in the forecast for the first leg of our trip.  It was a little hairy until we were about an hour east of Pittsburgh.  MC was letting road rage get the better of him and I had to help him put things into perspective by reminding him that he survived MAJOR surgery, it’d be a shame for him to kill us both in a bout of rage.  DC traffic was very mild considering we got into town right around the evening rush.  I assume it’s because most federal employees were still on vacation.

FIL overworked MC on Saturday and he had to tap out around 1pm.  He had the chills/sweats, which means the overexertion a day after a very long drive probably caused some excessive swelling around his heart.  I had to shower so I could get a ride to the commissary to restock our fridge and pantry.  It took me three hours to recover from my shower, but thankfully I did.  Some days the tachycardia and nausea stick around until I go to sleep and I’m completely worthless.  I filled the cart until it was overflowing and spent less than $150.  As crazy as shopping there is, it’s completely worth it.  Buying food for myself to last just a week cost about that much at Kroger.  At least my Mom got fuel points to use.

Sunday was a much better day for MC and FIL took off early Sunday Morning, which was a couple of days earlier than I had anticipated.  I made my infamous soufflé for our guest of honor that I ended up baking a couple of hours after I put it together, rather than the next morning so he could have some before he left.  He said it was very good.  Success!  It seems to be soup season here.  I pulled chicken lentil soup and beef stew out of the freezer that had been laying in wait for three months.  I also bought ingredients for ham & potato soup (which I can’t eat, because PORK 😦 ) and chicken wild rice soup, plus more stuff for turkey & sweet potato chili.  Soup is easy, so soup is what I’ll make.

I’ve been in a funk, which I’m sure is quite obvious.  My sense of humor has gone to the wayside and talking to anyone takes an obscene amount of effort.  As a result, I’m ignoring just about everyone.  It makes me feel like an ass, but I am an ass, so there you have it.  I expected my mood to improve after I returned home, but other than a reduction in tantrums, I’m still in a terrible head space.  I’m going to talk to my PCM about going on a higher dose of Tramadol and dropping the dilaudid, as I believe it’s worsening my depression.

I ran out of cookies and want to make more but I’m so so tired.  Last night I made poutine.  God bless Canada.  It was exactly what I needed: salt, salt, fat, and more salt.



It sure looks disgusting, but it’s on the same comfort level as homemade mac & cheese.  Fries, gravy, and mild cheese chunks (substituted a blob of mozzarella for curds).  Guess what I’m having for lunch?


6 thoughts on “Home/Disappointment/Poutine

  1. Glad to hear you’ve made it home and I hope it leads to some improvements, at the very least in mood and lack of crazy MIL around. Whachutalkinboot that looks AMAZING! When life hits its inevitable lows and nothing seems to help….melt some cheese and put it on everything…. it may not help (heck with digestive problems it usually hurts) but man is it a nice tasty break.

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  2. “….I had to help him put things into perspective by reminding him that he survived MAJOR surgery, it’d be a shame for him to kill us both in a bout of rage.” … I dunno, your humour is still up there with the finest sarcastic witt I know 😉

    And that gravy thingy … looks devine! I’m going to try it!

    BTW Welcome home 🙂

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