F*ck you very much, too

I requested prescription renewals the Friday before Christmas.  I knew nothing would happen until the following Monday but sent the renewal request anyhow, thinking it’d be the first one checked Monday morning.  My doctor was on vacation and wasn’t due back until the 29th.  Okay, so the nurse can push the request to his email and he’ll see it when he gets in.  

Now I’m back in Maryland, which makes the refill process EASY.  They don’t have to worry about calling it in some place else.  Three days later, I hadn’t heard anything, so I called.  One of the medications, she didn’t have any record of.  After calling me back twice, that was enough for her.  On the third call when she said “I’ll call you back”, she apparently didn’t want to deal with me anymore.  I think she left her phone off of the hook today because I haven’t been able to get through.  

I sent yet another renewal request, this time using the pre-filled form wherein I put check marks next to the expired meds that need to be refilled, even though they’re written wrong.  It’s better than nothing and I can get it all sorted at my appointment at the end of the month.

Is it unreasonable to expect a request to fill turnaround in less than 5 days?  It’s not supposed to take two fucking weeks.  I’m out of everything, with the exception of what was prescribed at the Cleveland Clinic.  At least I’ve got enough HC and florinef, but I’m out of migraine shit, shit for anti-shitting, shit for crohn’s, allergy shit, liver shit, shit for GERD that I don’t actually have, and that tramadol shit.  It takes a bunch of shit to manage my symptoms, but I’m glad that they are somewhat managed WHEN I CAN GET MY MEDS REFILLED!  Shit, shit, shit.

I’m stuck with a steroid and a pain medication that turns me into a raging spitfire.  Perfecto!

I wanted to crack open a bottle of wine tonight because that’s good medicine, but I was reminded that I sleep in the same room as MC now and wine keeps me awake and riles me up.  I don’t need any more riling.  My name is Riley.

5 thoughts on “F*ck you very much, too

  1. My Doctor used to be the same. But the pharmacy that’s 3 doors down got wise and allows certain people (the ones that get a full sized carrier bag for their meds) to get advances in pills from him to stop the gap. Now I just get the pharmacy to manage my drugs for me. You need to bollock your doctor or whosoever’s in charge of med renewal next time you’ve stopped shitting long enough to get down there in person. x


  2. Gurl I am sorry to hear that you are having all these problems and with the fuckhead so called doctors….I am having so much problems that I can’t even think at this point…lost and don’t know what to do…thought about going off everything…but know that I can’t …and I AM SO FUCKING TIRED OF DOING OTHERS JOBS SINCE THE SO CALLED DOCTORS AND OFFICE STAFF SUCK FUCKING HOGG BALLZ…
    I hope that you get it figured out sooner than later gurl…but see you are doing the work that others should be doing!!!…bullshitt…


  3. Gotta love it! It happens everywhere. I am so ready to give my Pharmacy the boot it isn’t funny. When I went down to Florida I had 2 of my meds refilled there. When I came home and went to have them filled there was a huge problem. It was the same company. They said they had to “transfer” the prescription back up here and then talk to my Doctor. These were 2 of my important Bipolar medications. I had to go a week without any which can be dangerous. Then I recently discovered that the “name brand” medication I had been requesting and signing for because the generic has gluten in it wasn’t what they were putting in the prescription bottle. For 2 months it was the generic in a bottle labeled as the name brand. I have lost a lot of weight and muscle tissue, my eyes are sunk in, not to be too gross but I pee from two areas which I don’t think is normal and has been going on for 3 weeks. I really don’t want to go to another doctor. I’m tired of it. Sorry for carrying on. Hope you feel better!


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