Sweat, tears and snow

It has been a few days, eh?  I don’t have an excuse other than feeling an urge to internalize and marinate in my misery to save all of you fine peeps from yet another almost pointless bitchfest (they do prevent me from murdering others and/or myself, thus they aren’t entirely pointless).

What’s up in the land of K?  Let’s see…

I’m working on a scarf for a dear friend.  She ordered a rainbow and I got yarn that approximates a rainbow on acid.  I’ve made quick work of this one and should have it finished mid-week.


In addition to that, I’ve been slowly cannibalizing a section of blanket that took me four months to knit and rolling it back into giant balls (see behind scarf), because I can.  I’m not at all sad about it.  I’ve got the biggest balls of them all.  If I had blue yarn I’d have…

Also behind the scarf, I’ve been spending most of my time under the heating pad.  I’ll probably end up with that infrared pre-cancerous skin condition from overuse.  I doubt that’ll be the thing to kill me.  Sleep has been tricky and I’m freezing hot most nights.  Also known as cold sweats.  My fucking favorite!  I’ve gone through several different sets of sheets trying to find something that’s warm, yet breathable.  I have microfleece sheets, like the inside of a sweatshirt when it’s brand new.  They’re wonderful.

And tada, fuzzy blanket!  It looks like a flock of giant birds crapped bushes onto it in a most artful way.


It matches the sheets.  I planned it that way.  It doesn’t exactly fit the room decor, which MC says is nautical eclectic.   This basically means his dirty laundry is scattered all over the fucking place and that, ladies and gents, is his decorating solution.  Mine is to completely avoid it.  He wanted me to move in, so he has to deal with my increasingly girlish tastes.  I like purple.  All shades of it.  I’ll paint the entire room purple some day and he probably won’t notice.  Anyhow, all of this is on top of a 2″ feather bed and 2 super cush mattress pads, for a total of 5″ of fluff.  Sleeping on slate for three months completely wrecked my back to the tune of impingement leading to muscle wasting/weakness (there are the tears) so I will be sleeping on a goddamn cloud for the foreseeable future.

Then there’s the snow – we got a whole inch.  I was looking forward to more, but I guess we lucked out since neither one of us is capable of shoveling this year.  I don’t mind being snowed in as long as I’ve got Vitamin A…or W, whichever you prefer.

4 thoughts on “Sweat, tears and snow

  1. Ohhh fluffies … we like fluffies 🙂 I hope they’re working for yah … if anything they always make me feel comforted.
    And what the hell is ‘nautical eclectic’ … really? LOL
    And the scarf … gangster 🙂 !

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  2. The scarf is great. Really great. I have a Super Fleece like that which I wrap around my legs and 2 duvets of different togs. I wear thermal long johns and a fleece bedjacket. Basically I dress like a 90 man and a 90 yr old woman at the same time. I can’t have the heating on because of my sinuses, and my room is without proper insulation, but I am snug. I recently got new duvet covers and the snug factor has doubled: I’ve over slept for volunteering 3 times, and I start at 2 pm…

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