It’s a beautiful day here on the East coast.  Sixty-five degrees and sunny.  There’s only one problem – the wind is blowing so hard it took the window screens with it.  Whoops.  It’s for the best, I suppose.  With as windy as it is, I’m sure all of the salt that has been dumped onto the roads is kicking up and won’t help my head funk when it comes billowing into my room.  Winter will return in force this weekend and that makes me happy.  I enjoy sunny days but prefer those sunny days to be on the cold side.

I had a couple of appointments this week.  I don’t have the cajones to write about what’s up, let alone think about it.  It’s my head-in-sand, ass-in-air routine.  There’s only so much I can handle at a time.  For now, I avoid, ignore, and pretend nothing is going on.

I’ve crocheted my wrists into a sandy, inflamed oblivion.  It’s a good thing I got my last project completed before having to throw in the towel for a while.  This means my hands are unoccupied.  I’m in destructo mode!  I tore down the black-out curtains that Harpy put up and replaced them with some off-white linen curtains that filter light, rather than completely blocking it out.  The only time I want to live in a cave is when I’ve got a migraine.  The old curtains were hideous, yet I didn’t say this to her after she put them up because I’m not always a snot.  Most of the time, but not always.

Too much time spent on my feet tearing the walls down equals sleepless nights.  There isn’t a drug in the ‘verse that can touch this pain.  I’m probably punishing myself because I’m pissed off.  I plan to have an inauguration party that involves lots of eats and drinks to punish myself and all of my various parts.  I’m so fucking depressed.  And angry.  Have I mentioned that I’m angry?

One reason I don’t mind sharing is that our housing assholes decided they need to limit our water usage, so they’re coming in to replace the toilets and showerheads with more efficient, water-saving versions.  Rental insurance was excluded from our rent starting next month and now we have to deal with clogged toilets and showerheads that mist rather than spray?  Fuck that.  I’m changing the locks.  I’d like to see them let themselves in to fuck with my shitters then.  I’m very protective of my porcelain Gods.  I need them and I need them to flush as they currently do.  I want to be able to flush a squirrel without causing a flood, thank you very fuck.  Shit, much.  Thank you very much.


7 thoughts on “Head-in-sand

  1. You definitely both need a powerful shower and brick flushing crappers. My personal crapper is the only one in the house that can flush that we Bowermans produce. All the others are EU eco toilets which my shit laughs at. A misting shower head is actually not more efficient. A head that turns mist into power is what is needed. That is something I had to get (EU rules) and boy am I glad. An extra powerful pump and the head turned to ‘hurricane’ and we’re good to go. If nothing else, the powerful shower is needed to push the poop down the toilet on the odd occasion…Good luck!

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    • I switched the showerheads out shortly after I moved in. I have the hand-held things with five different settings from a gentle spray up to blast-your-fucking-skin-off. If all else fails, I’ll tell them we need the current ones left in place because I’m disabled. Or they can buy me a new skull if I’m required to change them and shower while standing. The standing part doesn’t last long.

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  2. You need rental insurance for your landlord to fix a clogged toilet? That doesn’t sound right. I never needed rental insurance until I moved to Albuquerque. It’s required here, even though I have nothing worth insuring. Just one big scam, if you ask me. But since we’re on the subject of toilets…

    You only need to watch the first 20 seconds. 🙂

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    • Haaaahahahaha! That was amazing. Now we know why hippos are one of the most feared creatures on the planet.

      The insurance is to cover our stuff when the neighbors burn down the house. I sort of hope they do so I won’t have to clean anymore. We don’t have much furniture, but it would take us 10 years to replace it, should something happen. Stuff isn’t cheap even though it’s cheaply made. RI was included in rent and is required here, now it’s not included. I don’t think it was that much… maybe $17/mo. Still, with as much as we’re paying in rent each month, they should be putting in bidets and BETTER toilets. I didn’t think 1.6 gallons per flush was that bad. Maybe this is my fault with all of my flushing. 😲

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      • No, it’s not your fault. My last apartment had low water pressure and I had to call maintenance frequently to fix the clogged toilet. Here in my new place, the water pressure is freaking awesome. Noisy, but awesome. Some temperature fluctuation problems, but still freaking awesome. Haven’t had to call maintenance once to fix a clogged toilet.

        When I complained about the low water pressure in the shower, dude removed some kind of ring in the shower head. Maybe you can do that, too. 🙂


  3. hahaha … head in sand … feeling yah … i’ve just pulled mine out and am currently still spitting sand … no hurry mate … by the sounds of it you’ll be missing nothing but an inauguration … ewwww.
    and angry? looking forward to that post 😉
    stay safe xo

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