A bad plan is still a plan

First and most importantly, I need someone to participate in the Women’s March on Washington for me.  Pretty please??

The only thing I’ve got going on this week is an MRI.  That’s the good news.

The not as good news is that the rest of this will be an extremely boring read, so I’ll keep it short.

I’m unsure I’ll be able to squeak through the next 8 days until my next doctor’s appointment.  These vision and auditory disturbances are annoying as squirrelly fuck and a little worrisome.  I haven’t passed out yet and that’s a plus.  I am being extremely cautious and not testing the limit.  When my peripheral vision starts to gray out I sit down immediately, no matter where I am.  This happens relatively quickly after standing, maybe a few minutes at most.

On top of this, I’m also having gustatory and olfactory disturbances that are worse than usual.  Everything tastes either bitter or metallic, and absolutely everything smells like shit.  Swamp gas.  Cat farts.  Rotten eggs.  Landfill.  The one exception being MC’s cologne spray, which smells like bug spray.  It certainly repels me.

I’m attempting to get an acute appointment with my cardiologist (even though I’m partially convinced this is neurological, my neurologist is worthless).  If I’m unable to achieve this by Wednesday (tomorrow), or my shit gets even slightly worse, I’ll go to the ERvil place.

I’m logging my vitals three times a day just for fun and to see if I can identify any patterns.  So far, nada.  The pulsating pain in my chest and under my left shoulder blade is constant, but not severe.  The difference of heart rate between laying down and standing is over 80 beats per minute, my blood pressure is low across the board, no matter what position I’m in, and caffeine has absolutely no effect on any of it.  I had hoped it’d bring up my BP a bit, but it doesn’t.  It also doesn’t make my tachycardia worse, which I also find strange.  Since my resting heart rate is 58, I don’t think I’m dehydrated.  I’m definitely not thirsty, though I am making sure that I’m getting at least 3-4 liters of fluid a day.

Are we having fun yet?!  Yeeeeeeaaaooooo..






10 thoughts on “A bad plan is still a plan

  1. First, THANK YOU for considering the ER. I Know (Lawd knows I KNOW) it sucks, but passing out and falling down the stairs sucks more. As for Neuro, I rather like my neurologist but it took me a minute to warm up to her and vice versa.
    Oh! And to make you smile….I kind of freaked out my MC the other morning. He went to wake me up before work to give me my synthroid and apparently I wouldn’t wake up for a minute. Ba- HAAAA!

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    • You rotten woman! 🙂

      I’ve met one neurologist I actually liked, but he was just the on-call dude and I have no idea what his name is. Also, he’s at Bethesda. That place gives me the heebie-jeebies big time. My neuro’s supervisor is good, as in he actually fucking listens to his patients, but it’s a three month wait to get in. It’s not like this stuff can be ‘fixed’ anyhow, but having a doctor who gives high fives is pretty cool, until I miss his hand and hit him in the face. That’s just FUN. 😉

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      • I don’t blame you. I’ve take Retired-Chief to Bethesda a few times, but fortunately we’re far enough away, they let me go to civilians. (That and retirement has it perks and costs). Isn’t there a rule in Tricare if you can’t get in to your referred specialist within 30 days you can request a different one?

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  2. Wish I could March too. We’ll be there in spirit.
    Damn Kara I don’t like what I’m reading. You need help. Soon.
    Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, had a bad vertigo flare. ♡


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