Ma’am, have you been drinking?

I gave MC his ‘good night’ hug and was terrified my boobs would crush his sternum.  I don’t know why in the hell I’m worried about that.  He asked them to wire him up twice when they closed and you know what?  They actually did.  Ain’t nothing getting through that bad boy.  Not even my gourds.

He asked me if I had eaten anything at all today…or in the past five days.  Is my backbone popping out or something?  Well yes, it is, but that wasn’t it either.  Then he asked me if I had been drinking.  Don’t I fucking wish, but no.

“You’re in ketosis.  You shouldn’t be in ketosis.”

Just because my breath smells like acetone, it doesn’t mean I’m in ketosis.  Maybe I like to drink nail polish remover from time to time to rinse the horrible taste from my mouth.



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