18 thoughts on “It’ll come out in the wash

  1. I’m beginning to think it’s the time of year. I’ve been the same way and I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs where the same is being said. Maybe it’s wishful thinking because it’s been so bad I don’t want to think of what else it could be. Speaking of diarrhea I’m up in the air about seeing the Doctor concerning my stomach issues. I was hoping you could give your opinion. My pharmacy was giving me the Generic for Adderall but putting the label for the brand name on it. After 2 months I finally realized it. The generic has a strong possibility of containing Gluten. So starting 12/01/2016 I was given the Brand name. That’s when I start having stomach problems to the point I started losing weight again. It’s still going on. Side effects of Adderall are diarrhea but I don’t think it would last this long, if I was glutened that’s another story. I am so tired of Doctors that never have real answers and say it’s “idiopathic” , put me through a million tests, then send me home feeling the same. Sorry! Maybe this will take your mind off things. I know you are knowledgeable about this stuff.


    • Bah, I wish I could help. I’d be inclined to blame the adderall, see if a lower dose helps? As you’ve said before, generics don’t usually work as well (whether they contain gluten or not), so it’s possible when you got the brand name adderall it started working too well? Or, it could have been coincidence and it was the gluten mucking up your insides, then you magically started having diarrhea when you switched. If that’s the case, it’ll probably take a while to stop. Takes a while for the insides to heal, ya know? Either way, I’d talk to any doctor you have that isn’t a dick and see if they have any recommendations for you. You don’t want to keep crapping your brains out and losing weight to the point you become malnourished.

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      • Thanks. I kind of thought the same. I think it will take time to heal. Too late on the malnourished part. I have been for over a year. They put malnutrition and anorexic on my chart because I’m not absorbing any nutrients. Ugh! Thanks. Hope you’re feeling better!

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          • Okay, now I wish I hadn’t looked at my Spam. There was only 1 comment from a man about my post on taking care of my dad while trying to take care of myself. It said “Thanks for the easy read!” Not sure how to take that. My instinct is to say f*ck you man! I’m not a Rhodes Scholar I just write my experiences, a little fact, how I feel, etc. I think humans should have to take a test to be able to comment online. lol Including me.

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  2. I was crying regularly, then I started a new brain pill and now I want to cry but can’t. I just keep eating cheese and taking laxatives instead. I really need to sleep but I have stuff to do, but I need to sleep. Perhaps I will cry.


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