Have an IDGAF sandwich and GFY

Everyone loves acronyms, especially the military!  It’s more efficient to speak in acronyms, then explaining what they mean to people who don’t know.

IDGAF=I don’t give a fuck

GFY=Go fuck yourself

What does this have to do with the price of a pedicure in Iceland?  Absolutely nothing.  I also think people who enjoy pedicures must have neurological leakage that attaches a stranger digging at their toenails to their g-spots.  Gross.  Bunch of freaks.  Go ahead and get mad, you know I’m right.

MC has been complaining about his lack of sleep.  How he only slept two hours Thursday night and had to be awake SUPER early Friday.  His normal half-days start at 11:30am, but his Friday half-day began at 7:30.  I mentioned last week or the week before, that I got kicked out of the master bedroom for being ‘disruptive’.  That happens when I have to get up every 45 minutes to use the bathroom and I can’t get comfortable because my legs are on fire and my back is screaming bloody murder at me.  I was happy to oblige and move my armload of stuff into the guest bedroom that has a MUCH more comfortable bed.  I can also cry all night long without being disruptive.  I’m such a considerate mate (discount the numerous instances I’ve screamed obscenities at him).

Last night I had a wonderful chat with a friend (it’s nice to talk to someone who might be just as much of a spaz as me), then tried to settle in for some sleep.  I wasn’t hopeful.  My pain has grown wings and is carrying me away.  I got my sacrum to crack when I rolled my hips.  Initially it felt great and then the herniated disc and its bulging neighbor upstairs were like, “BWAAAA!  REMEMBER US, STUPID?!”  It’s usually a dull ache.  When I piss off the doughnut monsters in my back, it’s shooting pain from my hips, into my ass, and halfway down my legs where the pain meets the fire that is my peripheral neuropathy.  Zap, zap, zap, tssssss.  I laid there for almost three hours trying meditate myself to sleep until my ex started sending me messages on Facebook about a new girl he has been scrumping.  At least someone is getting some action.

4am is close enough to sunrise to start another day without ending the one before it.  Fuck it.  Lights, socks, shoes, preparing myself to head downstairs for some tea.  As to not disturb the sleeping beast, I walked over to the master bedroom to shut the door.  We both sleep with our bedroom doors open so we can hear distress calls from the other.  Man, what a fucked up reality we live in.  When I got to the doorway, I noticed the glow of a screen.  Porn at 3:45am.  Funny, he never complained about not getting enough sleep when I was in there with him because he doesn’t do that shit when I’m around.  This is probably the REAL reason he wanted me to leave.  He missed all of his cockwaffle eating cumdumpsters.

All of a sudden, I have no empathy for his ‘insomnia’.  I’d tell him to go fuck himself, but he beat me to the punch.


13 thoughts on “Have an IDGAF sandwich and GFY

  1. I don’t have anything against porn. In fact, I use it myself on those occasions when my imagination is insufficient. (Although I doubt MC and I look at the same kind of porn.) It’s just an image, nothing more. Like if I think about Bradley Cooper… It’s not like I’m dreaming about marrying him. He’s just an image. And as humans determined a long time ago, looks aren’t everything, at least for most people (but not Trump). If life was all about looks, no one would eat broccoli. (Come to think of it, raw chicken doesn’t look very appetizing, either.) What was I saying?

    Porn doesn’t mean that MC doesn’t love, need, or want you. For a lot of men, it’s just an itch they need to scratch. Every orgasm doesn’t have to involve love and commitment.

    Don’t you have any secrets from MC? Married people should be allowed to have secrets from their partners. We start out as individuals before marriage, and marriage shouldn’t strip you of your individualism. Although I hesitate to offer more generic advice, I’d suggest you get some secrets of your own (if you don’t have some already). Secrets don’t have to be bad. (Porn isn’t really bad.) They just have to be yours, and only yours. 🙂

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  2. Eh they’re pigs is all I can say. My boyfriend looks at it too. It used to bother me but idgaf anymore. I’ve looked at it myself too. I guess it’s better than him being out with someone else or blowing money on a stripper.

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  3. My only issue(s) with porn is the objectification, obviously … and the lack of a decent story line/plot! They’re as tacky as those horror movies with the loud cello playing in the back ground.
    Other than that … if it gives me the week off, I’m cool with that! I tend to lean to the a-sexual side of the fence as well!

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      • Defs! There is that … other wise just say … ‘i need an early night and room to wank’ … I’ve always appreciated honesty over bullshit! In that case though, I’d be buggared if I ended up in the spare room … thats what his man cave is for!

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