Three degrees to Jason Momoa

I ordered a new pair of headphones.  The ones I’ve been using are what came packaged with a Samsung Galaxy 5.  They’re not terrible for freebies but they are looking a little biohazardous.  They’ve only been in the hospital with me for about six weeks.  Wait a minute, I need to go back and count.  January 23-today?  Yikes.  That is about six weeks.  Aaanyhow, the problem with ordering the headphones is that they were shipped to the house which meant that MC would have to drag himself away from eBay long enough to come see me.  Heaven forbid.

I haven’t seen him in over a week, so this was a good reason to get him to visit me.  I’m well aware of how sad it is that he needs a reason.  After a couple of hours of various text complaints from him about how tired he was (likely hoping I’d tell him “nevermind, stay home”), he finally put some damn pants on and headed in my direction.

When he got here he was in a terrible mood.  I attempted to talk to him about his week because I hadn’t heard much from him, but everything I said seemed to annoy him.  I apologized for making him drive all the way up when it’s clear he didn’t want to be here.  I suggested he take his cranky ass home and come back when he’s feeling less hateful.

Away he went.

I don’t understand him.  I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to piss him off, or if this is his way of dealing with a difficult situation.  If he keeps this up, I’m going to have to surgically remove his head from his ass.  It could be dangerous, as I’m not at all qualified, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Thanks to him, I almost decided to swear off men.  Then I’m reminded of Stargate Atlantis.  A stupid fucking show until I hit season 2 when I was introduced to Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa).  He was pre-tty delicious as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones too.  The dude is 100% animal.  Must.  Have.  I concluded I can’t swear off all men because I’d leave an opening for him.  Who cares if we’re both married.  This is fantasy.


 Holy bearded mountain!  I’m not completely asexual.

 I had no idea this post would lead to ogling and drooling.  Fuck it.  









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