E.T. goes home!

It’s official, I’m out!  This is probably the best homecoming I’ve ever had.  It wasn’t particularly special (though the house IS clean!).  It’s that I’ve been pining to sleep in my own bed while surrounded by piles of my junk for weeks.  I was ready to get out before I was I even shipped off to where I’d spend the next eight weeks of my life.


I’m all decked out – got another NJ tube put in this morning.  A girl’s gotta eat, right?  Formula, bags, pump and flushes have been sitting downstairs waiting on me for weeks.  It’s only a two week supply which means I’ll have to figure out if my clinic can order this stuff for me or if I need to do it mail order.  All of my medications were filled before I left the hospital.  It was nice not having to stop at a pharmacy on the way home.

On Friday, Mom took my prescriptions for DME to the medical supply store and picked up an oxygen concentrator along with a few portable tanks since it was clear she wouldn’t be able to talk me out of my decision to GTFO (she did convince me to get another feeding tube, so high-five to her for that).  When I say ‘picked up’, it’s more likely that she dragged the stuff but you know what I mean.  The supplier will be stopping by Monday morning with the rest of what was ordered.  I just needed enough to get me through the weekend.

Sadly, getting out doesn’t mean I’m allowed to do nothing for a month even if doing nothing is what I really want.  I’m working on my Advanced Directive and have that mostly sorted.  I still have to go in for dialysis 3x a week and I have a follow-up with Cardio and Neuro next week as well.  Eh, that’s next week.  This is now, and now I’m quite relieved to be home.  Tonight I will sleep and no one will bother me (unless they want to be backhanded).  It will be marvelous!

13 thoughts on “E.T. goes home!

  1. I’ve been really worried about you. I’m happy you’re home! The momkins is back down? For how long? Please know I’m here if you need ….well, anything. I know you’re my kindred spirit and won’t tell me, but I am here, and I would be at your door if you needed anything!

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  2. I’m so glad you got the NJ tube. I was worried you’d go home and starve. That’d suck.
    Look like you are as prepared as possible.
    I hope being home brings back your soul.
    You are so awesome to be visiting blogs when you feel like shit.
    Remember I care.

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