I’m gonna die! Or not…

Have you heard of Candida overgrowth?  We all know about yeast infections, I’m sure.  It can happen in the GI tract when the gut microbiome becomes imbalanced.  It’s probably more common than most people are aware of, particularly since the average person eats way too much sugar and cereal grains.  Yeast thrives on sugar.  I first learned about this from a woman who had been fighting Candida for most of her life.  Her symptoms were so severe that she had to stop working and was pretty much incapacitated, yet not a single doctor could figure out wtf was wrong with her.  Sounds typical, right?  Many many years later, after studying holistic nutrition and putting it into practice, she’s doing great and has written multiple cookbooks for the anti-Candida diet.

I’ve tried every fucking special diet there is.  Vegan, Low FODMAP, Auto-immune protocol, Paleo, Ketogenic, Gluten-free, low fiber, low residue, Specific Carbohydrate diet, you name it.  I have found that what I eat absolutely does make a difference in how bad my symptoms are.  Unfortunately, it’s not a magic fix.  Even when I’m behaving myself, things still get out of control because Crohn’s doesn’t give a shit (actually it gives tons of shits if I’m being literal).

I’ve read about a process that purportedly happens as bacterial and fungal overgrowth begin to die off.  It’s aptly named die-off syndrome or a Herxheimer reaction.  It can happen to people being treated for Lyme Disease and also SIBO or Candida.  I don’t have any experience with this personally.  Until now.

I have candida circulating through my blood, likely from frequent dialysis while on a shit ton of steroids.  I’ve never had a fungal infection before.  The fever that came with it was something else.


That sucked.  I’ve got another eight days of IV caspofungin to go before I’m hopefully free of candidemia.  During my first week, every day was a little worse than the day before it.  Yesterday was echo day and I was feeling so awful that I was bracing myself for some bad news.  My blood pressure was very very low and I couldn’t sit up at all.  I’ve been super nauseated, freezing cold and sweating at the same time, and my rear end is a ring of fire.  It’s like normal Kara crap multiplied by a factor of infinite fuck-all.

My echo turned out ‘okay’.  My LVEF is no worse than it was.  I thought about it for a while and wondered why the fuck I’m feeling like a sticky shit sack, especially since before this I was already mostly dead.  Then I remembered the only thing different is that I’ve been on caspofungin for seven days.  It makes sense, I guess.  The drug itself may be causing untoward side effects or it’s a die-off thang.

Besides my body being a mushroom factory, the most exciting things that have happened in the past seven were a surprise cardioversion after a long run of ventricular tachycardia and a herniated disc between T5&6 that happened during a violent sneezing fit.  Add that to pleuritis and I’ve convinced myself that breathing is optional.  Ya know, until my vision starts to go dark.  Waaaaaaaah.  I didn’t claim that excitement and fun are mutually exclusive.

I’m not doing a very good job of replying to comments.  Most of the time I come up with a monosyllabic noise type word in response, having nothing to do with the comment I’m replying to.  Dudes, I’m so sorry.  I’m way behind on blog reading, too.  I still love you all.  My brain is just fried.  Grab your dipping sauce of choice and dig in.  It’s not as though I’m using the damn thing.


6 thoughts on “I’m gonna die! Or not…

  1. I can hear those ‘noise’ responses 😉 Keep it up lol.

    Now … Candida is something I know shitloads about LOL … thanks to my body being a little candida infested whore house for most of my life and after getting with the program … candida is something i battle with monthly … just to keep it away.
    Sugar and yeast are not my friends. Period. If i do partake it needs to be small amounts – followed closely by a shit ton of water and high dose vit c.
    So high dose vit c helps (Me) boost immune to ward off the inclination to grow fungus internally lol. Over the years it seems to be the only thing that helps really … as sometimes the hormones seem to attract said fungi as well lol.
    Also helps with the die off thing … that and grape seed powder. God awful stuff, but it lines the gutt while it heals.
    Practicality wise – Probiotic yoghurt! Plunge and paste a shitload of it everywhere and anywhere lol. Eases stuff 😉
    If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know. xo

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  2. When my Mum was on steroids during her Cancer, the failed to tell use she needed to wash her mouth out after each dose else she’d become a Shitake Sally. One day I went to dose her and the smell coming from her mouth could have knocked out a donkey. The District Nurse came and told us it was oral thrush, but that Mum more than likely had it through her body. So we got all the meds she needed and started fighting it. I took her teeth out and floated them in anti fungal stuff – liquid canestan basically. And every orifice was dosed. I swear to God as she got that stuff out of her body her piss could have killed Satan. Believe it or not, it was something we laughed about. She was very thin, but boy could she fight when I went to scrape her tongue or wipe her or something. That is something I won’t be doing for my Dad. I’ll wipe him, but I’m not scraping his tongue.

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  3. Don’t you worry about not responding to me, or making it around to my blog. I haven’t written anything worth a shit in a while now. So lost there.
    You do use your brain, your keeping it warm for the zombies.
    Zombie Jesus day is coming up, you’ll fit right in. Maybe you can find new brains.
    Candida sucks. I’m sorry you have it, and the die off is harsh. My mom had it bad when she was having chemo. It was hard to deal with.
    That fever was wicked, I hope it’s down.
    Sending you gentle hugs, because you know, I care.

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  4. I’ve deal with candida a lot, too, mostly the oral and vaginal kinds. It’s been going on for years, and I’m sure it’s spread through other parts of my body as well. I don’t know if I want to know, but I guess I should. Colonoscopy coming up in a few days! Woo hoo! Hang in there, Kara!

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  5. Okay, first surgical scrub, cap-wearing, mask-on from 40 miles away (because I have no immune system, you know that) hugs. Mostly because I don’t know what else to say because holy fever dreams batman!! The highest I’ve ever had was 104.5! I’m surprised they didn’t stick you in an ice bath!

    And yay for Harvey Danger! That’s one of my favorite songs. You have music which means your brain is still working! 😉

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