10 thoughts on “Odds

  1. Oh, boo hiss. Dangit!
    When I’m sick I often wonder. Where does all that snot come from? Am I going to dehydrate because of it? There’s just so much.
    I think we need to buy stock in kleenex.
    May this pass soon.

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    • Oh man. I hear ya! Seems like booger voodoo, doesn’t it? There’s no way a human should be able to produce that much slime so quickly. I buy puffs plus lotion in a 3-pack…that might last me through the weekend. If I’m lucky.

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      • Oh the lotion tissues make my nose break out in a rash. It’s supposed to make your nose better! I just suffer with plain old Kleenex.
        I hope you can get through the weekend.
        Has MC caught it yet? When is harpy coming? Maybe she’ll get sick. Bwahaha

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