The Toothfairy is Evil

Unfortunate things seem to occur at the worst possible times.  A flat tire on the one day I’m running extremely late or dropping like a sack of potatoes on the one day someone else is entirely dependent on me are just a couple of things that come to mind.

I have been attempting to grow my cajones to an appropriate size to find myself a dentist and get my mouth taken care of.  At 23, I only had one cavity/filling.  Oh, and the cavity I’m referencing wasn’t my fault.  I had sealants put on all of my molars when I was in high school and one of them didn’t seal with the tooth properly, leaving a nice little pocket for bacteria and acidic foods to munch away at the enamel.  That cavity was so tiny, it was drilled and filled without anesthetic.  It was cold sensitive, so as long as my tooth wasn’t being sprayed with a jet of water, it didn’t hurt while having it filled.

The filling fell out shortly after I started dating MC, of course.  When I was being ‘welcomed’ into the military family, the dental clinic inspected my mouth and scheduled an appointment for me to get the cavity re-filled.  I showed up and waited.  And waited some more.  It was over an hour past my appointment when finally, someone came into the waiting area to tell me that there was a dental emergency and my appointment had been canceled.  We were due to leave for the last frontier only a few days later and I was unable to schedule another appointment prior to departure.

Rather than going through all of the reasons that, to this day, I haven’t gotten the cavity filled, I’ll just say this: eleven years later, it fucking hurts.

During my last dental inspection, I had not one, but three cavities.  That happens when you spend two years hugging a toilet.  I agreed to find a dentist immediately after arriving at my new base.  It has been almost three years since then.

MC was due to separate from the military last month and, in ordinary MC fashion, didn’t get his extension submitted until the last minute.  This meant that our auto-deduction for rent was canceled as was my shitty dental insurance.  In the past two weeks, the original cavity/toothache has gotten to the point that I was up at 3 am browsing Amazon for oral anesthetic.

“Kara, just find a dentist and make a frickin’ appointment.  Idiot.” Takes one to know one, MC.

I’ve been putting it off because I’m a wimp.  A cheap wimp.  Even when I did have dental insurance, it operates on a cost share.  Though the total cost was reduced, it’s unlikely there was enough money left over after MC’s stupidity to pay the bill.  Especially when considering this is most likely a root canal scenario by now rather than a simple resin filling.  I wonder why dental isn’t covered by normal health insurance.  Dentists are doctors too, yo.  Plus, teeth are awfully close to the brainpan.  I’ll bet it’s at risk during an oral infection.

I have my Hurricaine gel and that will have to do for now.  I have too much crap to do, I’m still a wimp and I’m still cheap.  I’m sort of hoping the tooth falls out, but it seems firmly planted, which means it’s probable that it will instead turn into an infection that will swallow my entire face.

This is a minor hiccup and it’s most definitely happening the way I’d expect it to given that I’m a cursed alien.

11 thoughts on “The Toothfairy is Evil

  1. I hate….hatehatehate the dentist!
    Boo for separation from the service. In service dental sucks, but post tricare-ish dental blows a lot.

    Have you guys decided what you’re going to do when he does get his separation?

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    • WPAFB treated dependents but no other base clinics that we’ve been to do. The last time I went for pcs clearance, there was a brand new, huge dental clinic and I saw maybe two other patients while I was in there. I don’t get it.

      I don’t know what he plans to do. I’m moving to Italy to be a dairy goat farmer. 😉

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  2. I left a cavity for 18 months, had to have a root canal and a cap, cap came off, now I have a black stump like some 18th century rich bird. Last month I had a wisdom tooth out: took 10 minutes from start to finish, but now I have to fish in the hole for peas. I keep eating peas and I keep getting them stuck in the hole. I’m vile. My teeth are Super-British. Yellow, uneven and with stumps. Oh, and semi-tranluscent because of acid reflux. I was the first woman in my family to make it to 30 with all my teeth.


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