Let ‘er rip!

Today I’m grateful for my spastic intestines.

They have given me an excellent excuse to stay within twenty feet of a toilet.

My entertainer’s hat has been enthusiastically removed and I’m happy to spend the day in the bathroom instead of with you-know-who.

Thanks Crohn’s, you chummy pain-in-the-ass.

8 thoughts on “Let ‘er rip!

  1. I hate why, but I’m glad you can get away from Harpy.
    I just read your last post too.
    So she comes to see MC and he’s not even there most of the time. You have got to be kidding me!
    The only responsibility you have right now is to take care of you. The rest can fend for themselves.
    You mist be nicer to her than I would think, if she wants to take you shopping. Wait. No. She’s just bored and wants a distraction, i guess watching you get sicker could be entertainment for her. Harpy.

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    • I’m a diplomat, mostly because there’s no arguing with her. She only hears her own voice. I don’t think she likes me but she also doesn’t dislike me as much as she once did.

      Her capacity to care about other human beings is limited to her kids. Yup. Mudbutt is way better than being near her. πŸ˜‰

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