World IBD Day

Personally, I prefer world pizza day or world bundt cake day.  Good thing world IBD day is an awareness thing rather than a celebration because who wants to celebrate a nasty disease created by the devil herself?

Most people have an idea of what IBD is, thanks to drug companies pimping their products on TV commercials.  As is typical with chronic illnesses, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are on a spectrum ranging from mild symptoms to severe, life-threatening complications.  People with Crohn’s have about an 80% chance of developing complications at some point in their lifetime.

My ‘probable’ Crohn’s diagnosis came just five years ago (we’re all sure I’ve had it much longer than that) and since then, I’ve enjoyed having a foot of small intestine and my cecum/appendix removed.  Good riddance!

I don’t need a special day to be aware of how shitty IBD is (pun fully intended).  Rather than forwarding a snapshot of my bloody colon to everyone in my contacts, I’ll leave you with this fabulous infographic to tell you all of the things you probably already know about Crohn’s.

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