Missing pieces

There’s a phenomenon known as “pump head”.  It describes the neurocognitive deficits that some people experience after being on heart and lung bypass during surgery.  MC started out with piss poor memory and now, instead of having half of a brain, he’s down to an 8th of one.  I’m supposed to be the brain.  This has been my job the entire time I’ve been married to him.  To remind him of things, to remember his passwords, to remember birthdays of people I don’t even like, and to find things he has lost by remembering where that thing was five years ago.

Poor MC is without nards and now he is missing most of his brain.  There are certain things I can help with but even I’m experiencing some of the same brainfloop from hypoxia.  The things I can’t help with have to do with his job and the tremendous amount of paperwork required for absolutely everything.  I couldn’t tell him that by missing his last promotion test, it made him ineligible for reenlistment and I couldn’t tell him that his extension would be kicked back and canceled because he had already extended his enlistment once during his current rank.

What does this mean?  It means we’re guaranteed pay for the last half of this month but that’s it.  He’s officially a civilian.  Depending on how understanding some kid behind a desk in Texas is, we may be forced to vacate our home within a month.  Not cool.  It makes sense now that I’m back on track to feigning improved “health”, I’ll be clotheslined by circumstance.

10 thoughts on “Missing pieces

  1. Crap. he’s already at high year tenure? These are things I understand. Hubs had 24 years in the Navy. I *know* military crap. But you guys should be getting paid for the month back, meaning May’s pay is for April, etc. And you should have 30 days past discharge in housing, and you’re entitled to a final move by the military (trust me, hiring a moving company privately is a nightmare!)
    If there is *anything* I can do, please get a hold of me! ❤

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    • They already cut off our rent allotment last month because his extension didn’t go through, then it did, then it got canceled. I think this has been a ‘thing’ for two weeks already, so we get pay for one-half of the month instead of a full month? At least Tricare follows me for six months. As for moving, we did it ourselves the last time. Fuck. That. TMO can do it this time.

      This interferes with my scheduled naps in a big way. Damn it all.


      • Blech. And rude!! naps are good, this chit sucks.
        I do know in the Navy they allow 90 days in housing for retirement or “involuntary separation” (high year tenure or ERB, etc), but you still have to pay rent. And you guys should get 1) a move out of housing and 2) a move within 180 days to wherever you want (back home or to a new job, etc). That’s what we did. A move out of housing, and then a move when we built our house. And I did learn they tax whatever you “make” on a DITY move anyway, so fuck that, let them pack it and move it.
        And in the Navy they can’t separate the sevicemember until they go through TAPS class. (Can you tell I’ve done this? 😉 )

        But seriously, if I can help, you know I’m here.

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