Four years of rolling turds through glitter


Hallo, Ladies and germ-y persons!  Yesterday, WordPress imbued me with the 4-year blogging anniversary achievement.  Whoody-hoo!



What have I learned during my four years of whining, er – blogging?  Misery loves company or company loves misery.  Whichever.  Being human means being vulnerable.  It’s not an easy thing to do in a society that rewards the strong, stoic, optimistic and the narcissistic.

While I’m on the topic of optimism, finding the proper balance between hope and pessimism (pragmatism) is an excellent way to avoid the backdraft of reality.  You know, when you’re sure things can’t possibly get worse and then you find yourself worse off than you were four years ago?  If I weren’t hoping for the best while expecting the worst, I’m sure my brain would have burst into flames at some point during the past twelve months.  This isn’t a blogging thing, I guess, but I blog about my life and it’s a livin’ thing (it’s a terrible thing to lose (breaking out into song can’t be helped)).  I’d much rather be pleasantly surprised while wearing a waterproof poncho when the shit hasn’t hit the fan and painted my world brown than to be blindsided by it when it does and find myself completely covered in (sh)it.


I never stop being amazed by the wonderful people I meet here (and all of the weird spam I get!).  They have their own hectic lives and are often dealing with their unique brands of issues or illness, yet they still take the time to say “Hey!” and let me know I’m not alone.  This is a powerful thing.

We share intimate details, some of us anonymously, that even our closest friends or family members might not be aware of, so it should come as no surprise when one of us runs out of time on this Earth, it sends a giant shockwave through the community.  Last year I never would have guessed that I’d have lost someone I had become very close to before my blog turned four.  The initial shock has diminished to a ripple, some of the guilt has left me, but I still miss the shit out of her.

This has given me license to be as creepy as I please.  If I tell you “you’re awesome, you mean a lot to me, and I love you”, I’m not trying to butter you up so I can steal your kidneys.  I just don’t want to miss the opportunity to let someone know that they’ve left a positive mark in my life.

Now, no one is allowed to die before my blog turns five.  Breaking this rule is punishable by death.  Another thing I’ve learned; people can learn to appreciate irony.



9 thoughts on “Four years of rolling turds through glitter

  1. Dam that kid in the mud and puddles! Looks like fun!! Hmmm might be my next adventure 😉

    So, congrats of 4 years turd roller … have you run out of glitter yet?? You know, you were creepy before hand ay … and I’d offer you a kidney but I think mine are a little worse for wear too!

    Love You Glitter Bunny ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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