The Name Game

It’s time I come clean and tell you I’m a hypocritical jerkface.  The one thing that I complain about more than my disease minions, is my husband’s obnoxious spending habits.  We have SO MUCH USELESS CRAP IN OUR HOUSE AND IT’S ALL HIS FAULT.  He spends money when he’s unhappy, because apparently more useless shit is the key to happiness.  How’s that working out for him so far?  Let’s just say the mailman has taken to throwing packages at our door because he gets tired of walking up to ring the doorbell.

I may be pretty good at being thrifty, partially out of necessity because of dumb-dumb, but I’m not immune to buying crap I shouldn’t.

Exhibit A:  World of Warcraft: Legion


I was invited to participate in beta testing, and have been having a blast playing around with the new Demon Hunter class, as well as testing out the new talent systems for the other classes.

Every time I open the launcher, it flashes the upgrade pre-purchase offers.  Pre-purchase Legion for $49.99 and get one free level 100 character boost.  See this 500 times, then log in when you should have been asleep six hours ago, and watch all of that sensible adultiness vaporize.  <Upgrade now>

This, the day after I explained how stupid it is that they charge that much for an expansion, and if I were to wait until the holidays, it’ll probably be on sale for $19.99.  Do I look like an idiot to you (be kind, this is a rhetorical question)?  No, I will not buy this steaming pile of overpriced crap just yet.  But I did, because I’ve joined the ranks of dumb-dumb.  At least my useless crap purchase doesn’t take up any more space than my computer already did, so I win.

Though the official release date is August 30th, they’ve already opened the demon hunter class for those of us who pre-purchased the xpac.  Wicked.

Now that I can make my OFFICIAL demon hunter, I find myself faced with a dilemma.  What in the hell should I name her?

My beta test demon hunter’s name was randomized because I didn’t feel like going through the grief of picking out a proper name for her.  So, her name is Zarainda.  How very Illidari of her.

My current collection of character names include Ninatode the gnome (variation of nematode, which was already taken – mf’rs), Bierphart the dwarf, Kiwano the spacegoat (Draenei), Botfly the night elf, Thunderthigh the troll, Distempered the Worgen/Gilnean, and Embearassed the Pandaran.  I get kicked off of role playing servers in some games due to my inability to give my toons a “real” name.  Wtf is wrong with using the name “Poptart”?  Weiners.  This is probably another good reason not to spawn; the world might think my kids were named by Frank Zappa.

So, I sat at the character creation screen for a good long while, then eventually named her Demorrhoid because I can see the association between that particular name and Hellfire.  Not RP server friendly, and not even remotely appropriate.  Perfect.  Perhaps the game devs will add in a boss that’s a giant tube of preparation-H just for me.


My official opinion of the game: wait until it goes on sale.  It’s not worth the 50 bucks.  It would have been more fun to buy fifty dollars worth of cake and then see how long it takes me to eat it.


Blogger Recognition Award


Nikki from Undiagnosed Warrior nominated me for a blogger recognition award.  I’ve been following her for over a year and she has gone through an army of doctors and undergone many many tests, while trying to find a diagnosis for her life altering symptoms.  From an informational standpoint, she does an amazing job of explaining all of the tests she has had done, with detail and illustrations, so someone else having the same test in the future will know what to expect.  She is also brutally honest about how it feels, both emotionally and physically, to live with chronic illness while constantly being passed around between specialists, or being told it’s in her head (I know this feeling well).  Thanks for the shout out, Nikki!


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Write a post and display the award.

3. Share in your post a brief history of how your blog started.

4. Give advice to new bloggers.

5. Nominate other bloggers you feel deserve the award.

6. Let each blogger know that you have nominated them.


The Birth of Polishing Dookie:

Before this blog, I was an anti-social food blogger.  Learning how to cook from scratch changed my life for the better – until my then undiagnosed illnesses crossed over into nightmare mode.  I was sick, my marriage was failing (I should write a post about this in the future), and I didn’t know what to do about any of it – so I created this space to purge all of the nastiness that was bouncing around in my head.  Between blogging, driving aimlessly, and hours of actual therapy, I made it through one of the most difficult periods of my life.  Last year I had a taste of the single life while my husband was eating fried silk worms in S. Korea and that’s when Polishing Dookie really came to life.  It’s a chronic illness blog.  It’s a blog dedicated to powering through the difficulties in various relationships.  It’s about gaming, music, and pop culture.  It’s about art, creativity, and atypical thinking.  It’s about finding humor in unlikely places and flipping off the Universe for being a dickweed.  It’s about community and connecting with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.  Polishing Dookie is me “making the best of the shit I’ve got”.

My advice to “new” bloggers:

Read my posts, then use them as a guide of what not to do. 😉

The only rule I have for myself is attempting to limit myself to one post per day.  I often break this rule, so I guess it’s more of a guideline.  I enjoy visiting all of my blog buds’ posts and comment if I’m moved to to so (which automatically goes into spam if the person hasn’t de-spammed me – damn yous, WordPress!)


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I’d also like to open this to anyone else who wants to participate.  It’s a free-for-all!

As always, thanks for reading!  Hugs and party slugs.





An Electronica Journey: Part 2

My poor little brain goes through a lot of changes, between drugs and turning into an old fart.  In Part 1, I talked about my split personality when it comes to techno music.  It has been a 15 year evolution.

I “took a break” from college when I turned 20, and used the money I had set aside for books on the purchase of a PS2.  Final Fantasy X was absolute murder on my motivation to do anything else.  I borrowed games from friends often, rather than purchasing them.  Smitty put a game into my hand and said, “play this as soon as you get home, and be prepared to not sleep for a month.”  The game was Frequency, and the rest is history.

It’s the music rhythm game that paved the way for Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  It was the first of its kind, and to this day, is on my top 10 list of console games.  Frequency is mostly electronic music, but when it’s successor Amplitude was released, there was metal, alternative, and other genre’s included.  When I received the game, I was still on the fence about techno.  I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it.  It was this game that made me fall in love with BT, if not the entire genre.

BT, or Brian Transeau, is from Washington D.C. and trained in classical music so the fact that he made the house/trance music scene boom in Britain is an interesting progression.  His music includes quite a few vocal tracks, and along with symphonic music.  During his career, the ‘feel’ of his music has become less organic.  It has depth, but lacks the warmth that it once had.  That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy his newer stuff!  ‘These Hopeful Machines’ released in 2010 remains one of my favorites, but ‘Movement in Still Life’ released in 1999 is my absolute favorite.  He has done collaborations with Armin Van Buuren, Mike Oldfield, Seal, is routinely played by super DJ’s like Sasha and Paul Oakenfold, and even played synth on a Salt-n-Pepa album!

If the Orb song made you want to bash your skull in, this one is completely different and a great example of BT’s compositional abilities – marrying classic music with the electronic genre.

Original version, from Movement in Still Life

Symphonic version, from Electronic Opus

Addiction Affliction

There are many things in life that I crave, and many things which I consider to be addictions.

  • Nicotine – I don’t smoke, but I adore nicotine lozenges.  My own confirmation bias tells me it’s good for my colitis.  Even if it’s not true, it’s good for my brain, and it may very well be the reason my husband is still alive, so fuck it.
  • Caffeine/coffee – Holy Cannoli, I love my coffee.  It’s mine.  My own.  My preh-shuuuuss.  Sometimes I go for decaff if I plan to take 20 naps during the day, but mostly I guzzle high octane, super dark roast.  Not only does it cause cancer and dementia, but it also prevents cancer and dementia.  Clearly, it’s a very indecisive beverage, and that’s okay,
  • Fizzy drinks – Soda, sparkling water, champagne, beer….BUBBLES!  I LOVE THEM!
  • Salty snacks –  I’m the only person I know who can blast through two party size bags of chips in less than a week, without sharing.  I should probably just drink ocean water, but there’s poop in it.
  • Lip Balm – I’m getting better.  There was a time I had multiple tubes in various pockets, and I’d apply it at least every 30 minutes.  I’m down to a couple times a day.
  • The smell of books – I spend almost as much time sniffing them as I do reading them.  Perhaps this is why I have very little love for the Kindle.
  • World of Warcraft – Blizzard keeps saying “this is the last expansion” but it’s a lie.  I get sucked back in, kicking and screaming, every time a new one is released.  I quit a few months ago and cancelled auto-bill.

And then this….


Have you no mercy?!  WHHHHHHHHHHY?!!!!

Well, it was nice knowin’ ya!  I’ll be back in 6 months.