Shred that Cello!

My cousin (the harpist) turned me on to cellists Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, collectively known as 2Cellos.  They do cello covers of various rock, pop, and alternative songs.  Some of the songs are accompanied by guitar and drums, as well as the rare vocal track.

The covers are great, but nothing beats their videos.  They’re oddballs, which only solidifies the infatuation I have with them!  This isn’t the first time they’ve made an appearance here, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

To rock, please press ‘1’

To send chills down your spine, please press ‘2’

Is it getting hot in here? 😍



My Mom is full of surprises.  A few years ago she asked for a Black Eyed Peas album for Christmas.  Really Mom?  Are you sure?  I remember listening to Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, Sting, Enya, and similar stuff while riding in the car with her.

When I stayed at my parents’ house this past spring, I took it upon myself to connect my phone to the Bluetooth in her car so I could play my tunes.  I introduced her to Bruno Mars last year, something like ‘if D dumps me, I’m going to kidnap Bruno Mars and keep him in my pocket.’

Don’t think the fact that his musical pseudonym’s initials being BM doesn’t make him my destiny. It totally does. 😉

A Bruno Mars song came on, played through for a couple of minutes, and the vocalist changed.  My Mom asked if it was CeeLo.  Wow!  She knows CeeLo.  And it turns out she likes CeeLo.  My Mom is cooler than yours.  My Mom is cooler than me.  It only took me three decades to admit this.  No girl wants to be like her Mom when she grows up, right?