Puppy Time!

Allow me to introduce you to some very special friends of mine.



Edgar, Summer, and Hank!  My godpuppies, if such a thing exists.  125 pounds of fun, fur, and drool.  No matter where you tell them to sit and wait, they always line up in the same order.  Summer in the middle, Hank to her left, and Edgar to her right.  They’re her bouncers.  They were all rescues, and are poster pooches for how awesome rescues can be.


Summer is a lab mix and is a sweetheart, but is usually a little bashful and fearful of people she hasn’t met before.  Or so I was warned.  Within 5 minutes of meeting her for the first time, she was attempting to crawl into my lap.  She’s a kindred spirit. 😉


Hank the hound….oh, Hank.  Look at those eyes.  Gaaaah!  I’m melting.  Mr. Soulful.  He’s the most laid back out this bunch and is also the oldest, so he tends to put the smack down on the youngsters when they get too rowdy.


And finally, Mr. Poe.  This guy is all wiggles and grins.  He’s a pit mix and is a ball of infinite energy.  When I watched these crazy animals for a week, he was the alarm clock.  He jumped up on the bed, and tried his best to lick my brain through my ear hole.  Wet willies at 6am!  Fantastic.


Don’t leave!



He’s a little husky

Meet Murphy…


Murphy was our Alaskan Husky-Shepherd mix foster pup during our first six months in Alaska.  If you want a dog who isn’t happy unless he’s dragging your ass across ice for 8 hours, this is the dog for you.

Picture 004

He had serious separation anxiety, but also got carsick so we couldn’t take him with us when we left the apartment.  His way of coping was to chew holes in the wall around the door.  Way to go Murphy!


He was a super sweet punk, and a great judge of character.  He wasn’t afraid to let shady people know how he felt about them.


He loved to eat his boogers.


Murphy see, Murphy do.


Murphy found his permanent home in fall of 2006.  I hope he’s well!  I miss his dopey face.

Meet Gidget

Cute dog assault in…





Gidget – also known as Gidget Monster, evil Yoda, giggle butt, gaggles, whore salad, or my mother in-law’s spirit animal…


Awww…cute even with eye boogers.


Look at those ears!

I’ve been going through old pictures on my external drive, and found several folders full of pictures of pets I’ve had.  Sadly, Gidget is no longer with us – we had to put her down in April of 2014 because of a doggie brain tumor.  Seeing her still makes me happy, even if she isn’t around anymore, so I felt compelled to share. 🙂