So long, Whiz

My hairy sister was a Chocolate Lab/Chessie mix named Cinnamon.  My parents split the cost of her with my half-sister’s Dad.  Lisa had always wanted a dog.  The reality of owning a puppy wasn’t quite what she expected so the responsibility became mine at the age of six.  Lisa moved away to college and Cinnamon stayed with us.  She became my dog, my friend, my family.  We had quite a bond.


I got older, she became geriatric in dog years and eventually her kidneys and liver began shutting down.  I bought her rotisserie chickens and shared all of my food with her.  At that point, it didn’t matter.  I wanted to make her remaining days the best possible.  She lived much longer than the vet expected her to.  He said she likely wouldn’t be around two weeks from then.  She lived almost six months.  She didn’t appear to be in pain, though she was less active during her last days.  She still followed me around and popped her fronts legs up off of the ground repeatedly when she saw me grab the leash.  Walk time!

We weren’t planning to put her to sleep unless we noticed that she was struggling.  The thing about Cinnamon is that she wasn’t very stoic.  Her doofy doggy sibling, Jesse, had his knee and hip replaced by the time he was three years old and didn’t whine once.  Cinnamon had some fatty cysts removed and cried for two days straight.  I cried with her because it made me so sad.


There we are, crying.  Pansy-ass bitches.

We knew she wasn’t in much pain because she seemed happy, so we gave her and ourselves the extra time to enjoy each other’s company.

I was away for a weekend visiting a friend when my Mom called to let me know that I should come home if I wanted to say goodbye to Cinnamon.  My pup was in the sunroom laying on her side and was having trouble breathing because her entire body had become fluid overloaded, likely because her kidneys had completely stopped working.  She was on a sleeping bag barely aware of her surroundings, but when she saw me walk in, her tail started to smack against the floor.  Her less-hairy sister had come home!  It was difficult to see her like that.  When I walked into the house to announce my presence I could see that my Dad had been crying.

My parents called the vet earlier in the day to see if he could come out to put her to sleep because we didn’t want her to suffer any longer than she had to.  Our vet had been called away out of town and wouldn’t return until the following afternoon so we considered loading her into the car to take her to a 24-hour emergency vet in Columbus‚Äč.

I went back out to the sunroom to be with my homie.  I stroked her head and ears as I listened to her labored, irregular breathing.  I told her it was okay to let go.  She didn’t have to suffer anymore.  Not even a minute had passed before she took her final breath, exhaled, then started to twitch.  A few seconds later, she was completely still, tongue hanging out of her mouth.  She was gone.  Maybe it was a coincidence that she died right after I told her it was okay but I like to think she understood what I was saying and that she was happy she didn’t have to die alone.

Cinnamon was cremated and her ashes were buried under a lilac bush.  That bush has been transplanted three times to three different properties.  Cinnamon, the lilac bush.

We went through something similar just three years ago with our Rat Terrier, Gidget.  In many ways, it’s worse than losing a human family member.  Dogs are inherently selfless and good.  The same can’t be said for most people.  It seems unfair that they have such short lifespans, but I don’t think a person can know true love until they’ve had the love of a canine companion.

I’m reminded of all of this because this morning when I visited Whiz to fill her water bowl and spritz her with shedding aid, she was dead.  She started having problems with her eyes a few weeks ago and was so blind that she had to be hand fed.  What I initially thought was a fungus was actually retained skin that hadn’t shed properly.  I don’t know if this was owner error (a new lightbulb, changing the type of substrate) or if she was just old.  When I was home, I was sure to spray her tank with water a few times a day.  Having been away more often than I’ve been at home for the past four months, I don’t know how well she was taken care of while I was gone.  I also have no idea how old she was when I found her, though I assumed she was a juvenile.  It’s not really a surprise.  The surprise is that she lasted as long as she did after we noticed there was a problem.  Yes, it’s a little sad.  She was cool.  I scooped her up and then…flushed her down the toilet.  Sort of like an urban Viking funeral. ūüėČ


So long, Whiz!


Sudafed For-ev-er

Eight days! ¬†I haven’t heard Harpy’s voice in eight days. ¬†It’s beginning to fade from memory, finally. ¬†MC’s first week with family was a bust – they/he didn’t get anything accomplished, save for getting the stitches out of his arm. ¬†He still needs to see the vascular and heart people here¬†but he doesn’t even have an appointment yet. ¬†I’m content to hang out here in rural ghetto, yet I’m being careful not to unpack my crap and settle in too comfortably.

Whiz survived another long ride in the car. ¬†She has to be one of the most traveled brown anoles in existence. ¬†My parents have friends who own a bait shop, so I refilled my wax worm supply for little miss lizard. ¬†Her new spot in the sunroom between the bonsai trees seems to make her happy. ¬†I base this off of the fact that she hasn’t been hiding as much as usual. ¬†There is no MHI for reptiles.



lounge lizard

I’m still a little too reliant on Sudafed¬†to breathe. ¬†It’s good stuff. ¬†Does it cause rebound congestion like nasal sprays? ¬†Or am I still sick? ¬†I’m so tired of snot. ¬†Allegra isn’t helping at all so the problem is primarily this viral party that wants to hold on until the eventual explosion of my sinuses.

I haven’t had an avocado in 4 days and I’m craving them like crazy. ¬†I’ve got gluten free mixes for brownies, yellow cake, muffins, banana bread, yet all I want is an avocado. ¬†Nature’s green, mushy crack.

Today I shall refill my Sudafed supply and purchase some green, mushy crack. ¬†I’m an exciting person, I know it.


Puppy Time!

Allow me to introduce you to some very special friends of mine.



Edgar, Summer, and Hank! ¬†My godpuppies, if such a thing exists. ¬†125 pounds of fun, fur, and drool. ¬†No matter where you tell them to sit and wait, they always line up in the same order. ¬†Summer in the middle, Hank to her left, and Edgar to her right. ¬†They’re her bouncers. ¬†They were all rescues, and are poster pooches for how awesome rescues can be.


Summer is a lab mix and is a sweetheart, but is usually a little bashful and fearful of people she hasn’t met before. ¬†Or so I was warned. ¬†Within 5 minutes of meeting her for the first time, she was attempting to crawl into my lap. ¬†She’s a kindred spirit. ūüėČ


Hank the hound….oh, Hank. ¬†Look at those eyes. ¬†Gaaaah! ¬†I’m melting. ¬†Mr. Soulful. ¬†He’s the most laid back out this bunch and is also the oldest, so he tends to put the smack down on the youngsters when they get too rowdy.


And finally, Mr. Poe. ¬†This guy is all wiggles and grins. ¬†He’s a pit mix and is a ball of infinite energy. ¬†When I watched these crazy animals for a week, he was the alarm clock. ¬†He jumped up on the bed, and tried his best to lick my brain through my ear hole. ¬†Wet willies at 6am! ¬†Fantastic.


Don’t leave!



Adequately Scientific Animal Name Memes

Ugh, dudes. ¬†Insomnia is a danger floof. ¬†I haven’t felt this crazy since someone put 10 grams of magic mushrooms into my strawberry yogurt smoothie. ¬†For reference, that’s enough to divorce your ego four times over. ¬†It’s a trip. ¬†Thankfully, all of nature’s marvelous creatures are here to keep me company. ¬†Stolen from image search, and presented to you in high resolution 2D, I give you animal names gone insomniesque.

























I would like to make a correction: Sea Flap Flap, and Majestic Sea Flap Flap should have their names reversed.  For science!