Sudafed For-ev-er

Eight days!  I haven’t heard Harpy’s voice in eight days.  It’s beginning to fade from memory, finally.  MC’s first week with family was a bust – they/he didn’t get anything accomplished, save for getting the stitches out of his arm.  He still needs to see the vascular and heart people here but he doesn’t even have an appointment yet.  I’m content to hang out here in rural ghetto, yet I’m being careful not to unpack my crap and settle in too comfortably.

Whiz survived another long ride in the car.  She has to be one of the most traveled brown anoles in existence.  My parents have friends who own a bait shop, so I refilled my wax worm supply for little miss lizard.  Her new spot in the sunroom between the bonsai trees seems to make her happy.  I base this off of the fact that she hasn’t been hiding as much as usual.  There is no MHI for reptiles.



lounge lizard

I’m still a little too reliant on Sudafed to breathe.  It’s good stuff.  Does it cause rebound congestion like nasal sprays?  Or am I still sick?  I’m so tired of snot.  Allegra isn’t helping at all so the problem is primarily this viral party that wants to hold on until the eventual explosion of my sinuses.

I haven’t had an avocado in 4 days and I’m craving them like crazy.  I’ve got gluten free mixes for brownies, yellow cake, muffins, banana bread, yet all I want is an avocado.  Nature’s green, mushy crack.

Today I shall refill my Sudafed supply and purchase some green, mushy crack.  I’m an exciting person, I know it.


Gee whiz


Lizard has an unofficial name: Whiz

She’s very fast, remarkably noisy for how tiny she is, has laid two eggs, and is moulting for the 5th time since she has been in my care.  I’m surprised she’s thriving, or even still living.  I do enjoy talking to Whiz because I’m a crazy person.  She hatched in Florida, so I assume she knows English.  I saw her dewlap for the first time this weekend while she was doing the lizard dance, presumably because she saw her reflection.  The video below is of a male anole, but females also have dewlaps that aren’t quite as large or bright.

She seems to know the difference between me and manchild.  I’m the one who brings the bugs, so she stays visible.  When he enters the room, she runs into her little hidey hole.  Smart lizard. 😉

Maybe I’ll Go Eat Worms

I purchased a tub full of fat, juicy waxworms to feed to my lizard and I gotta tell ya, I’m a little grossed out.  Yes, it is possible to gross me out.


They’re so squishy and maggot like.  After several failed attempts of using a spoon to scoop them out, I gave up and used my fingers.  They’re squirmy little bastards.  I got tired of crickets getting loose, and mealworms aren’t very nutritious.  They’re largely indigestible, so it’s the equivalent of a person eating nothing but celery.

Waxworms are more like donuts.

People actually eat these things.  There are recipes for muffins, taco meat, and stir-fries using bugs as the protein source.  Did you know crickets have at least twice as much protein, calcium, b12, and iron as beef per weight?  Did you know that bee larvae taste like bacon (so that’s what’s happening to the honey bees!)?

Manchild ate fried silkworms in Korea.  I guess it’s bar food there, like peanuts.

There are protein bars made out of cricket flour, and plain cricket flour being sold as a low carb diet product.  I can’t even imagine eating crickets after being responsible for their upkeep for six years when I worked at the pet store.  They smell soooo bad.  Worse than cows or pigs.

No thanks.  Would you knowingly eat bugs?