“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” -Carl Sagan

All photos taken 2006-2009 in Alaska (various locations)

AK-base-autumn 052

Otter Lake, JBER, fall 2008


Mirror Lake, Denali NP, July 2007


Denali NP, July 2007

Fall 2008 034

Sunset near Palmer AK, fall 2008

Fall 2008 168

Anchorage skyline at twilight, fall 2008

Fall 2008 268

Ice fog aftermath


Kenai fjords NP

may 08 015

Near flat top mtn, south anchorage

November 020

A very friendly dragonfly at Potter’s Marsh, Anchorage

November 062

Rainbow on the Seward Highway between Anchorage and Girdwood

November 149

Porpoises! Kenai Fjords NP


A wall with legs, Wasilla AK fall 2006

Stuck on repeat

I’ve been sitting here attempting to type my update, and I keep deleting all of my progress.  Why?  It seems everything is essentially the same.  I’m sick.  I saw a doctor.  The doctor said there’s nothing that can be done.  I pick up a prescription then go home and try to remind myself why I keep trying.

The redundancy of chronic disease makes me a very boring person.

Thank goodness for google and creative people.  Some genius decided to take paintings purchased from thrift stores and add his own personal touch to them.  These are pretty amazing…

Link to gallery on thechive, thechive seems to be obsessed with boobs, so use caution if you’re allergic to them (or you know, easily offended)

Link to artist’s webspace and blog – appears to be defunct, but archives can be fun, right?